Sunday, January 16, 2011

Garamond in Middleboro MA

April 11, 2011--Garamond has been off the juice (off insulin) for 3.5 weeks. ******************************************************************** Initial post 1/16/11--Garamond has been with Claudia in Middleboro MA for several months, and is insulin dependent. This is Claudia's description of him:
He is a very lush medium grey male cat who came to me from a shelter in Maine. His name was Armond, and I renamed him Garamond and call him Grey Man. If I had waited to rename him, I’d have called him Lovey as he is a very sweet and loving boy. He is easy to test and on Lantus. He has a damaged eye that looks a little strange. He also has a toe that was broken and healed pointing up on the top of one of his back paws. We have no idea how old he is since his records say that he was born in 1979??? Typo, we are sure. My guess is that he is at least 10 and maybe older. Too bad he can’t tell us his story.

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