Monday, November 15, 2010

Majik and Bella found a Foster Home

December 31, 2010--Majik and Bella have found a foster home with one of their Mom's friends while Mom is deployed in Afghanistan. We are so happy you found a purrfect situation Victoria!! *********************************************************************** MAJIK BELLA Initial post, 11/15/10--Majik (a diabetic cat) and his sister-cat Bella are looking for a foster home while their MommaBean Victoria serves in the US armed forces in Afghanistan. Victoria deploys in January/February 2011 and returns 12 months later. She prefers that her two cats stay together if possible. She is not opposed to a long-distance foster situation. Majik (male) and Bella (female) are 11+ YO, altered, indoor cats in western Louisiana. They are both large, being between 14 and 15 pounds. Bella and Majik have always been together, and have been with Victoria since they were 8 weeks old. Majik is nice once he gets to know a person. Bella is very afraid and is very vocal and likes female people more than males. Bella likes to sleep under the bed or on it with Victoria. Majik sleeps in the closet in his bed or on the bed. Bella does not like to be picked up and cuddled but Majik does to a point. Both hate going to the Vet's office. Bella is very vocal, hisses and ears back, very afraid. Majik hates the vet but will let them do what is needed. They should never be put in the same cage at the vet's or Majik will be like Bella. The cats have never liked being around other cats or dogs. They have been around some children but are afraid of them. They are afraid of strangers and will hide.
Bella, when she wants loving will come up and head-butt you or lick your toes as kisses. Majik is very lovable and gives kisses alot. He meets me at the door in am going to work and at the window waiting for me. I have had both since they were 8 weeks old and have only been with me travel around the US.
Both cats are FIV/FeLV negative and up-to-date on shots. Vet records are available. Both cats get Purina One Vibrant Maturity Senior dry cat food, as well as a treat of Friskees canned food on the weekends. Majik cannot eat beef wet food (vomits). In 8/2009, Majik was skinny and had lost a lot of weight, but was eating and drinking a lot. The vet found a high blood glucose level that visit and the next. Majik was then started on insulin in 9/2009. Majik has no history of DKA, but has had hypoglycemic symptoms twice. He is currently on 3 unites of ProZinc twice/day. Majik's BG levels are not hometested. His last BG readings at the vet on 9/28/10 were 182 at +3 and 208 at +8. Both cats received dental procedures in 8/2009, and Majik was treated for two weeks with Augumentin (amoxicillin/clavulanate potassium) for a bladder infection in 10/2009. DCIN was put in touch with Victoria by Operation Noble Foster. I have told Victoria that the arrangements for fostering Majik and/or Bella would be the same as the Operation's suggestions--the owner pays for litter, food, and any necessary other supplies plus makes arrangements with a vet local to the foster volunteer for payment of any necessary vet bills. There will be no payment for "boarding charges." The owner maintains ownership of fostered pets and will contact the foster home and resume possession within two weeks after returning from the duty posting that is requiring the foster arrangement.

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