Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jamie's Babies in Springfield MO

A most heartbreaking post from the FDMB. I am in tears as I post this. Please let me know if you would like me to put you in touch with Robert. Hello All: As some of you remember, last year I lost my wife, Jamie, a long time member of this board, to her own battle with cancer and diabetes. Since then, it's been me and her 5 wonderful kitties. But I now have reached an impasse. I need your help to find good homes for them, as I can no longer afford to keep them, am having to move to a new home where I can't keep them, and I can no longer afford the allergy meds I need to have them around. I don't want to just put them up on Craig's list or some such thing, but instead try to get help from cat people to find the right place for them and to know that they are in a place were they are loved. All of them are just over 2 years old, spayed or neutered, and healthy. None have been declawed, but none have ever been outside either. None of them have diabetes, however I was hoping some people could help me even find others that would love them. And, I can see Jamie in their eyes when they look at me. All of them are litter trained and have been using the Breeze Litter System since they were kittens, although they have used clay in a pinch. We are all currently located in Springfield, MO. The first is the only female. Her name is Minnie ( I still call her "The Minnie", as Jamie did, because she was so small when Jamie brought her home). Minnie was born in August of 2008, I don't know the exact date. Jamie went out on a business call in October of 2008 and found an old woman barely able to care for herself who was trying to save her. She had been feeding her the only milk she had, which was Goat's Milk. For being almost 2 months old, Minnie weighed 1Lb., 3oz. Using milk replacement, she slowly started to gain weight, until in January of 2009, she reached just over 5lbs. She then went into some gastric distress and lost almost 2 lbs, only having diarrhea. After 3 weeks of medications 3 times a day, her stool firmed back up, and she started to gain weight again. Jamie and I actually considered putting her down if she hadn't turned that corner. Now, she is about 10 lbs, healthy, playful, and affectionate. She doesn't really purr, it's more of a "coo", and she likes to rest partially on laps, but with her head on the persons chest. Minnie also drools a bit when she is happy. She loves to be held, and will go limp when you pick her up so as to be loved on. She seems to be an Abisinion and Tabby mix, is grey with nearly black stripes, a little sable brown on her legs, the "M" on her forehead, and the tell tale spots on her torso. She answers to her name, jumps almost 4 feet in the air to catch jingly balls tossed over her head, and likes to play with water, of all things. She has been weened on Wellness canned food, and gets dry food, or "Crunchies" as a treat. Her additonal names, since every cat seems to get more names, are Drooler (for obvious reasons) and Nibbler (because she nibbles on your hands and even your nose as a sign of affection, but never bites), The next 4 are all litter mates and all males. They were born on August 12th, 2008, at approx. 2AM. When I found them being born in the middle of the night, I woke up Jamie, who wasn't very happy I was waking her up, until I signed "Kittens" to her (She was deaf). I actually only got to the first "T" when she jumped up and gleefully yelled "Kittens"!! All 4 boys are neutered, were weened on Wellness canned food, and get dry food, or "Crunchies" as a treat. They still groom and curl up with each other on the bed from time to time, and love playing with the Laser Light. The 'runt' of the litter is Winston. He is just over 11lbs, and is a Black and White Tux with long black sleeves, a black nose and face, and white whiskers. Winston is the smartest of the group, and has been known to be able to tell the difference in ringtones between people. (I say that because he comes to the phone for certain ringtones, having associated that ring with the voice her hears coming through the phone.) Winston is vocal, and talks back when you talk to him. He announces himself when he jumps on the bed or sofa with a single "meow". He comes when you call him. He is a very snuggly kittie, and although not a lap kittie, he will sit next to you and touch you. He will also gently paw your chin to let you know he's there. He likes to snuggle up against your chest if you are lying down. He isn't a "Hold Me Kitty", but is very affectionate. His additional names, are Baxter (From his announcing himself when he arrives) and Gilligan (because I called him my little buddy when he was a kitten). The next one is Domino. He is just over 12lbs, and is also a Black and White Tux with long black sleeves, a white face, white whiskers, and a black spot on his chin, which gave him his name. He seemed to be Jamie's favorite because he looks so much like Boots did. Domino is a "Morning Kittie", meaning that he wants to be with you in the morning during shower time so he can flop on your feet and re-mark you before you get dressed. He likes to sit next to you and put both of his front paws over your thigh while he looks up at you to be petted and scratched. His purr is remarkable loud. When startled, he gets a ridge down the middle of his back where his hair stands up that looks like a dinosaur. Domino will chase the laser light in tight circles until he becomes so dizzy he can't stand up straight. Domino likes to sleep against the back of your knees, sometimes with his 2 front paws over your thighs. Domino also answers to his name and comes when you call him, if he's awake. Domino has a foot and shoe fetish, and likes to rub his head on shoes in the morning when you are getting dressed. His additional names are Floppzy and Dizzy. Next is Choppers. This is short for "Pork Chop" because he was the puggiest of the 4 when first born, but now is anything but. Choppers is now about 15lbs, solid black with sleek shiny fur. He is long in the body, and his hind legs are slightly longer than his fronts, making him look like a panther. Choppers is a loner at times, simply being happy to be in the same room with you, although he does get up in the bed at night and find his own place near you. He spends most of his days sleeping on the made bed. But about once every day or 2, he will come over to you and rub on you, sit next to you on the couch and purr, and maybe even get in your lap. Since he doesn't demand attention very often, he is extremely affectionate when he does. He is the only one of the 4 boys that likes to be picked up and held while being petted. Choppers is a quiet cat, but does know his name. Whith the other cats, he would rather miss out of treats then get into an arguement with them. But Choppers is the hunter. When playing with the laser light, he is going to get it and kill it, no matter what. He also can probably run over 20 MPH. Choppers other names are simply Chop Chop and Floppy Choppy, which when called, he will at times flop at your feet. And the last of the boys is Beaners. Beaners is short for "Jelly Bean". He is the largest of the litter, at about 16lbs. He's about the same size as Choppers, but a little less lean and muscular. Beaners is solid black, except for a tuft of white fur just under his adam's apple. He has huge paws, but is not a fighter at all. He's so docile, that I started calling him "Gentle Bean". He is very affectionate, and loves to be a foot warmer on top of a blanket either in bed or on the couch. Although not a lap cat, he will lay on your belly if you are lying on you back. He answers to his name when you call with a single meow, and will come when called. Although is is solid black to the eye, in photos, I've seen what looks like tabby stripes in 2 or 3 shades of black, which has made me refer to him as a "Black Tabby". He at times like to find an out of the way place to sleep, mostly the top of my pantry cabinet in the kitchen. His additional names are "Beanie" and "Gentle Bean". Please private message me if you are interested. I know it's a shame, but this has to be done. I just want to find people that will love them as much as they deserve. Robert "I'll tell you in another life, when we are both cats."

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