Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toby Adopted by Don

December 18, 2010--Toby was adopted today by Don. See further updates about Toby and the rest of the diabetic crew he lives with at Don's Associates.


Initial posting, 10/6/10--

"Toby is a very handsome boy with a super-soft coat and wonderful disposition!" Toby is an 11 YO, front declawed, DSH orange tabby boy that was surrendered to the Baltimore Humane Society because of the declining health of his owner. Toby has a good appetite and is eating Purina DM wet and dry. He is 15 pounds, having a large build but also being slightly overweight. He is an indoor only cat.

Toby is said to be a very sweet and friendly boy. He seems to enjoy being held and is affectionate towards people. (Note though that the shelter vet said that Toby does NOT like to be picked up. Maybe Toby can tell the difference between vettybeans and non-vettybeans.) The shelter staff does not know if he is a true lap cat or whether he is a nighttime snuggle bunny. Toby has lived with another cat that was privately adopted as it did not have health issues. The shelter does not know how he gets along with dogs and children. The shelter staff say he "probably would be fine around kids, he seems fairly laid-back and mellow, although he is understandably a little stressed here at the shelter (what senior cat wouldn't be?)."

Toby was diagnosed diabetic during bloodwork in May 2010. There is no known history of DKA or hypogycemia, and his past and current clinical symptoms of diabetes are unknown, except that there is no excessive urination or drinking of water. Toby is on a PZI insulin, 5 units twice a day. He is not being hometested, and the history of blood glucose levels the shelter supplied is here. His shelter vet says there are no other health issues, specifically no recent or current dental, urinary tract or upper respiratory problems. Toby is current on vaccinations and tested negative for FIV/FeLV on 8/15/10. A potential adopter can speak to Toby's current vet (the shelter vet) and DCIN has that contact information. Toby is not at risk for euthanasia at this time because his diabetes has been well maintained and he is healthy. However, the shelter staff are concerned that the longer he stays in the shelter, the more the stress of the shelter environment will cause a decline in his health and put him at risk for euthanasia.

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