Friday, October 1, 2010

Kiki at Home with Jennifer

April 16, 2011--Kiki loves anything cardboard. She was rolling around and around, and refused to sit still for a photo. ******************************************************************** Update 12/11/10--Kiki's starts her final trip home to Jennifer with a farewell picture with Venita. (We are dressed alike in grey with unkempt hair.) ********************************************************************** Update 12/9/10--Kiki started her transport today. Gig and Donna, volunteers for the WV shelter, brought Kiki to Towson, MD, where I picked her up. Kiki is a most delightful girl. She immediately poured herself into my lap and gave me purrs, facebutts, and chin licks. She has the most interesting fur. Although her fur is very coarse now, it is gray with white tips. In the pictures, it makes her look dusty. She is doing well at Spa Venita, although she is in the guest bathroom instead of the guest bathroom because we have been told she urinates inappropriately. That hasn't been the case yet. She has had a massive pee, and a massive poop, since she got here. And in the litter box. Her evening preshot blood glucose level was in the 270s and she got 1U of Levemir. ******************************************************************************* Update 11/29/10--Kiki will be going home with Jennifer. We want to transport her on Saturday 12/11/10. Request for transport help along the PA turnpike is here. ********************************************************************* Initial post 10/1/10--I might yell at my husband for dripping urine on the side of the toilet, but I wouldn't kick him out of the house. But that is what happened to Kiki. Her person surrendered her to the Animal Friends of Barbour County in Belington, WV, for inappropriate urination. The things I could say about that. Kiki is a 9 YO, spayed charcoal tuxedo. She has her claws. She is 9 or 10 pounds, with a slim build. She has lost a lot of weight with the diabetes. She also drinks alot of water. Now that she is at the shelter and being treated for diabetes, she is eating Fancy Feast Classic 3x/day. Her appetite is ravenous. Kiki was diagnosed diabetic after she was surrendered to the shelter in August 2010. She has no known history of DKA or hypoglycemia. She is currently on Lantus insulin, 2 units BID. Kiki is not yet accustomed to hometesting, but DCIN has sent the shelter a meter and strips, and Melissa will be visiting to give a hometesting demonstration to as many of Kiki's caregivers as possible. Kiki is current on vaccines, but her FIV/FeLV status is not yet known. Medical records and the vet's phone number are available to potential adopters. Kiki is a loner and is shy around other animals. She likes her people and is good with children. She is easy at the vet. "Kiki is sweet and would do well in a home with other shy cats or by herself. If the only pet she has the potential to be very attached to her human. She was an indoor/outdoor cat, but does not need to go outdoors." Kiki was almost euthanized but the all-volunteer shelter decided to give her a chance at the last moment and the volunteers are treating her diabetes as best they can given time and financial limitations. That is why DCIN stepped in to help with testing supplies and perhaps her wet food diet. But the best answer for her situation is definitely finding her a new home. As you might know, DCIN is getting pretty adept at long-distance adoptions.

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