Friday, October 1, 2010


October 27, 2011--Blackie is doing well. She is very tightly regulated, and is currently experiencing a rapid decrease in her dose. She has told her Mom she wants to go off the juice, and they are both trying really hard to achieve that.

Blackie was able to obtain some supplies and insulin through the Lantus Land Emergency Fund last fall. DCIN continues to send some test strips and help with the Lantus insulin.


Update 11/1/10--DCIN, with the help of a sponsor, continues to be able to supply Blackie with test strips. The extra testing that Angela is able to do is reflecting better blood glucose levels. (Here is Blackie's spreadsheet.) Blackie also will be getting some Lantus and syringes that Bones did not use.


Initial Post, 10/1/10--Angela in TX is yet another diabetic cat owner hit hard by current economic times. Folks who have been providing her guidance on the FDMB's Lantus Insulin Support Group have been asking her to test Blackie's BG levels more frequently. Difficult to do when you can't afford the test strips. DCIN got Angela some syringes, some of the strips she uses that were donated to DCIN, and a new Maxima meter and 200 of the test strips that I have been successfully buying up on EBay at very low prices. DCIN will continue to try to help Angela and Blackie.

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