Saturday, March 6, 2010

Latte in Minneapolis

Update 7/17/10--Today, Carolyn helped Latte to the Bridge. Fly free, dear Angel Latte. *************************************************************** Update 5/5/10--Carolyn had to take Latte to the vet on 5/3. Latte's BG levels are bouncing wildly, she was showing trace ketones, she has been having a urinary tract infection/inflammation, and seemed to be constipated. Carolyn and her vet are addressing all these issues. I didn't know that Latte was having these troubles and thankfully, a couple people on the FDMB pointed me to her post where she expressed concern that she might have to euthanize Latte because she might not be able to afford to treat her. I was able to contact Carolyn and authorized her to have whatever needed to be done done. I gave her carte blanche to charge on the DCIN credit card as much as she needed, knowing that all those on the FDMB would help to fund whatever Latte might need. I want to share a quote from Carolyn's update post after the vet visit, because I want to show how DCIN helps not only the cats, but also their people.
I want to offer my gratitude for those offering such great support. I would also like to thank "Cats in Need" and anyone who contributes to the fund (on latte's behalf or any other cat). Today did not cost us much at all in the end. But, at the last minute I was relieved of feeling forced to pts IF ketones or other great complications were and issue. I was given a choice, unrestricted of finances. I went back and forth from tears of fear to tears of gratitude. Please know these donations DO make a difference in both the life of the cat and the bean.
************************************************************************ Initial post, 3/6/10--Carolyn's diabetic kitty is Latte. Latte is an elderly lady with multiple health problems. Carolyn has had Latte since she was a wee kitten, and has poured her heart into taking care of Latte. Latte's profile is here. Latte's insulin was being sponsored by Jamie (and Boots). Sadly, no tragically, we lost Jamie in December 2009 to liver cancer. She was only 29. Here is the posting of her passing on the FDMB, written by her husband. It is only appropriate for Diabetic Cats in Need to memorialize Jamie by taking up her sponsorship of Latte's insulin. For however long Latte is with us, Carolyn will never have to worry where the next supply of insulin will come from. It will come from Diabetic Cats in Need and all the wonderful people who support this cause, whether by funds, supplies, or prayers/good wishes.

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