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Eeyore: Vet Says "No Longer Diabetic"

May 15, 2011--An update from Michele:
So, I took Mr. Grey Fuzzbutt into the vet the other day for a mild URI. No biggie, just wasn't clearing on its own. We did his annual check at that time, including frucosamine and an entire blood panel. I had been reducing and dealing with the insulin on a day-day basis...if he was over 150, he got 0.25 units, but under, I asked his body to handle it itself. Kept up the food regimen, the whole thing. He is often at or near 100, so it's all been food handled. [The vet] told me he was no longer diabetic. Seems that the cat who was definitely dying when he came through DCIN and into my heart has made a full recovery. All metabolic values are normal; blood values are normal; and sugars are well within the normal range. And while she did say that I could take him off insulin, I am still testing, shooting as needed. He is totally, utterly amazing...this cat knocking on death's door has become the happiest, fuzziest, most loving lap cat, who now is a healthy, happy (big) Maine Coon. His weight has stabilized at 11 pounds 3-5 ounces, and is spoiled rotten. No more closets, no more dog food*, and lots and lots of TLC...just unbelievable.
Micehele promises a photo of Eeyore. (* It is not written on this blog page, but when Michele went to visit and evaluate Eeyore as a possible addition to her herd, she found that he and the dog were being kept in separate crates in a closet and that Eeyore was being fed dog food. Michele immediately took Eeyore home with her.) ******************************************************************************** Update 4/2/10--This will likely be the last update on Eeyore unless something significant happens. I wrote a private message on the FDMB telling Michele she was doing a great job with Eeyore. She responded:
Venita, it's easy with him. He is really coming along; his health is improving, his attitude is great, and he's learning about how to just be patient and get tested and take the shot without drama. I can't take all - or even most - of the credit; he's doing a whole lot of work and learning, and I'm just creating the routine. He's such a dear one...really is. And I love that he has a cool, damp nose now. Just love it. I can't thank you enough for facilitating his homecoming. I really can't. He's such a great kitty...all around. He still gets aggressive with some of the kitties on occasion, but it's no biggie...just the hierarchy getting readjusted. And Mal thinks Eeyore is about the coolest playmate ever. I love to watch them play and's just so funny. Thank you, Miss Venita...thank you.
************************************************************************* Update 3/25/10--A video of Eeyore with his new best bud Malachi. Michele says:
I took this today; Eeyore has been here for 12 days. He is acclimating well, with the occasional fight and rough house with the rest. Some issues have come up with the vetting (and Venita is fundraising...), but for now, Eeyore is a darling, wonderful cat who shows a lot of symptoms of FD, but nothing of the rest. He's a cuddlebug...loves to be held and will hug back; grooms self and others (including the Bean), and eats everything in sight. Someday, he won't be so skinny...but right now, he reminds me of a bulldog with his walk and stance. In the vid, you can see his pooooofy tail; the rest of him will get pooooofy too, as time goes by. He loves to sleep next to me, and often wakes me by making biscuits on my neck while his head is tucked under my chin. And he wakes me in time for AMPS...whadda good boy! I love this guy already. He's coming along in learning to hold still for pokes and shots; still not perfect at them, but's only been a few days, you know? And while his sugars are not under control yet, they will be...again, that will take some time.
*************************************************************** Update 3/24/10--On March 12, I got a PM from Michele (of the FDMB) telling me that "this guy's been pulling on my heart." Michele is a nursing student and MamaBean to diabetic Esse and eight other cats. By early the next evening, having determined that Eeyore had tested FIV/FeLV negative when vetted in October 2009, he was at his new home; one of our rare short-distance adoptions. Michele brought Eeyore home so quickly because of our concerns that he was not being appropriately treated at the home he was in. The arrangement DCIN made with Michele is that DCIN would have Eeyore fully vetted and provide his Lantus through the end of 2010. Because of this, DCIN is still fundraising for Eeyore. Michele had Eeyore vetted the following weekend. The results of tests showed no glucose in his urine (which caused the vet to comment that he was being overdosed on insulin), possible anemia (however there was apparently damage to the blood sample), and elevated kidney values (primarily the BUN). Although Michele was seriously concerned about these findings and the grim prognosis the vet gave Eeyore, several persons on the FDMB helped Michele to see that the negative results were likely the result of the damaged blood sample and of Eeyore's overall poor condition, which will certainly improve with better food, lotsa love, and glycemic control. Michele is clearly in love with dear Eeyore. She wrote:
He's such a darned sweetheart...loves nothing more than to be held and snuggled...just loves being picked up and kissed. He kisses back, and holds onto my neck like a kid will. It's like his body was starved, and so was his soul. I'm doing my best to feed both his body and soul...and in the meantime, being blessed by him a thousand times over.
One very positive situation that came from DCIN's involvement with Eeyore is a new relationship with the Maine Coon Rescue, which had courtesy posted Eeyore on PetFinder. Networking is key to finding those diabetic cats that are in need. **************************************************************************** Update 3/10/10--Becky, one of the women who did the home visit on Eeyore reported last night:
I just spoke with Jessica. She said that Eeyore is doing good. They have been home testing him and although it was tough at first, they are now able to prick his ear OK. His last reading was 273 (she didn't say how long after he had eaten that she took his reading). That reading is a great improvement from the high 400s and 500s Eeyore has been getting. They are also feeding him the low carb food that Sherry and I left for him. Not sure if he's off the dry yet. Probably not. She said they haven't registered on FDMB yet because their computer is down. Someone is going over there tomorrow to help them fix it. She did say she would register when it is fixed. I think they are really trying with Eeyore.
************************************************************************ Update 3/9/10--The FDMB ladies visited Eeyore on 3/6, and we have heard nothing back by phone, email, or on the FDMB from his owners about how Eeyore is doing and whether his treatment protocol has improved. Out of concern for Eeyore, we are seeking an FD-experienced caregiver in California who could foster him back to wellness under the sponsorship of Diabetic Cats in Need. He will have to be vetted before DCIN takes him on, and he will have to be switched to another insulin. I know it's a financial risk for DCIN because he seems in bad physical shape, but I have this gut feeling that he will come back quickly with proper care. If anyone knows such a person , please PM me on DCC or FDMB or email me at vmaewood (remove space). ************************************************************************* EEYORE ended up in my inbox about a week ago. I was given this Petfinder link.* The email also indicated that the owners might keep Eeyore if they could get financial help to do so. I am fundraising for Eeyore because he will need a vet visit to get a script for an insulin other than Vetsulin. I and others involved with Diabetic Cats in Need have Lantus that we could ship to Eeyore's owners.
I contacted the owners using the email on the Petfinder site and found that they were willing to accept help. They even sounded willing to hometest. I was told they were reusing syringes and running out of insulin (Vetsulin). I asked for someone on the FDMB to do a home visit, and Sherry (and Squirt) and Becky (and AJ) volunteered. Sherry and Becky visited over the weekend, taking almost everything except insulin that this cat would need for awhile. Cases of wet food, a glucometer and strips, lancets, U40 and U100 syringes, ketostix, rice sock, cotton pads, Karo syrup, Neosporin, low-carb treats, and other things. Eeyore's backstory is that the owners found him in October 2009 from near death right outside their home. They took him to an ER, apparently DKA, and ended up with a vet bill was $2,500, which they paid. The women doing the home visit came away uncertain whether Eeyore's owners will use many of the tools they were given to care for Eeyore. The women strongly recommended that the owners register on the FDMB (active participation on one of the feline diabetes sites is a requirement for sponsorship by Diabetic Cats in Need), but they have not yet registered. One of the women said "Eeyore's really friendly and approachable. A real sweetie." The other said: "Eeyore is an absolute lovebug--very, very friendly." Eeyore presently lives with and gets along with another cat, a dog, and an 8-month old baby. He is very thin, we believe from the diabetes. He was easy to test, and his blood sugar was 490 at +3. He's on dry food and because of the other pets, the owners are not going to restrict Eeyore's access to dry cat and dog food. There are problems with alot of inappropriate peeing. His teeth seem good, his eyes were clear, there is no sneezing, runny eyes, or tenderness anywhere. There were no lump or bumps or enlarged lymph nodes. *It does not appear the husband is currently unemployed, as stated in the PetFinder posting.

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