Friday, December 4, 2009

Beasley near Pittsburgh PA

February 24, 2011--The Boyz seeking a treat from Grandma, Beasley on the right. (This is a recent pic; the camera mis-dated it.) ********************************************************************* Four Cats out of Five Update 1/10/11--Beasley and his friend Twinkie remain in foster at dian's home. It's been more than 13 months. Here's Beasley enjoying himself this past summer. You can see more photos of Beasley and Twinkie on dian's photobucket album here. Photobucket ****************************************************************** Update 7/4/10--This beautiful orinch boy has now been in foster care for seven months. Frankly, we are stumped why no one has adopted him. He need not be adopted with his companion, Twinkie. Beasley did get a cortisone shot in late April for his self-inflicted skin sores. That raised his blood glucose levels, and hence his insulin dosage, for awhile, but he is now back to good numbers at a lower dose. Beasley now eats fish, beef and, chicken friskies without problems. He can tolerate raw food as a treat, but does not prefer it. Beasley's weight is down to 14 lbs. 3.2oz down from the 18 lbs. 12.4 oz he was when he came into foster acre. Blood glucose spreadsheet here, and remember--DCIN will transport him to you and pay $200 in future vet bills. ********************************************************************* March 14, 2010--Beasley has been in a foster home for three months. We have been trying to rehome him together with his brother, Twinkie. However, the time has come to separately present them for adoption. Beasley is an 8 year old, neutered male, short haired, insulin-dependent orange tabby with white markings. He is the most dear boy; he lives to love. Might you be this extra sweet boy's forever person? Beasley and his brother found their Mum and each other early in life. Sadly, last fall Mum went into a domestic abuse shelter and had to surrender her cats to an animal shelter where they were to be euthanized. But a caring group of people owned by diabetic cats are sponsoring them in a foster home. Beasley has been eating non-beef, non-fish, wheat gluten free canned Fancy Feast. He is being changed over to homemade food to see whether his skin condition (discussed below) improves. Beasley, who is on a weight loss regimen, weighs 16+ pounds, having lost about 2.5 pounds since coming to his foster home. Beasley will sleep on you or right next to you, wants to sit in your lap and to be held, and purrs up a storm. This is a video of him a couple days after reaching his foster home. Beasley comes when called and will follow you around like a puppy dog. Beasley has had little exposure to his foster Mum's own cats, and has hissed at them and at dogs, but has not lashed out). His foster Mum believes that with proper introductions and in the proper environment, Beasley will get along. Beasley was diagnosed diabetic in October 2005. Before he came to his foster home, he was on NPH insulin and his blood glucose levels were not being hometested. There is nothing in Beasley's past vet records to indicate he has ever shown clinical symptoms of diabetes, and he shows none now. There is no recorded history of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) or hypoglycemia. Beasley receives Lantus insulin shots twice a day and his blood glucose history is here. His insulin needs are reducing as his diabetes becomes better regulated. Beasley had a dental procedure in December 2009 and has only 3 teeth left. He has had no recent or current urinary tract or upper respiratory problems. He consistently uses the litter box. He is FIV/FeLV negative and up-to-date on vaccines. Beasley sometimes scratches himself and opens his skin, causing sores. His foster Mum will put him in an e-collar to allow the open sores to heal. The vet records we have on Beasley are available for inspection. If you have no experience treating a diabetic cat, not to worry. Two diabetic cat Internet support Boards with a combined membership of over 1,500 people can help you learn the proper treatment and feeding of diabetic cats. Depending on your location, we can give you a “hands-on” demonstration of home testing blood glucose levels and insulin shots. DCIN requires an adoption application, will interview potential adopters, and will call vet references. We can arrange transport for Beasley to his new home. DCIN will pay $200 for Beasley's future vet bills.

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Beasley is indeed a cute cat..!!I love sweet cats like cafe in Beasley..I am glad that my cat Yami is not suffering diabetes..I had fun viewing the video of your cute cat..I just Beasley a good health..

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