Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fly free Belle

4/25/15--Belle has passed to the vastness. We believe she has found her Mama Marie, who passed to the vastness about a year ago.


3/17/10--Belle was adopted a month ago by Jana's neighbor Marie. (Jana is the person who adopted Chester.) Marie is a retired nurse, who had no pets and no experience with feline diabetes. But she's in great hands with Jana to guide her. Placing Belle with Marie was a little touch and go for awhile. One of the vet clinic workers got a little pushy when we hadn't found Belle a home four days after we found out about her--started the paperwork to send Belle to the Oregon Humane Society Shelter. There also was a problem when Marie went to the vet clinic to meet Belle. After about a half hour of visiting, Belle began to lash out with teeth. Marie and Jana became concerned that Belle's pain from having five teeth extracted from a dental the day before was not being properly managed. Turns out, Belle was on no pain medication. But Marie stayed true to her heart, and decided to take Belle home. One day after Belle's went home, Jana wrote:
Her behavior has completely changed now that she is home. I saw her about three hours ago, and she is in "her" bedroom, on "her" couch, stretched out getting her belly scratched! When I came in, she jumped up on my lap and head-butted me...purring all the while. Needless to say, she is eating well and has already found her litter box and put it to good use. She got her insulin and pain med without so much as a peep, all while sitting on my lap. Also, she clearly understands what "cute" means, and that she is! This afternoon she spent quite a bit of time sitting in the window and relaxing, and took a nice long nap after her busy day. Oh, one other thing...Marie has one of those very large exercise ball thingies, and Belle has learned that if she whacks the ball with her tail, it makes a thumping noise. She has also learned that when Marie hears the thumping noise, she comes to check on Belle. It didn't take Belle long to figure out that whacking the ball with her tail is just as good as ordering room service!
DCIN promised to provide Marie with Belle's first 5-pack of Lantus insulin. This promise is being fulfilled by Marialyce, who had some of the free Lantus that she had left when Juniper went off-the-juice.


Belle is an 8 year old, front declawed, black and white short-hair cat with green eyes. She was diagnosed with diabetes about 18 months ago, and her owners refused to treat her. They had said they would be finding her a new home,but last week they brought her to the MurrayHill Veterinary Hospital to have her put to sleep. She had been left home alone for a week and had a sinus/facial abscess that ruptured, creating a large hole in the side of her face. The vet saved her, and the office staff contacted a member of the FDMB. Belle is outgoing, sweet, and loving. She is now on Lantus insulin, 1 unit twice a day. She LOVES any canned food, and is currently eating and loving Purina DM canned and dry. Belle is thinner, and needs to gain some weight, which she likely will once she is regulated on her insulin. She has no known history of DKA. She is not yet accustomed to home testing with a glucometer. Belle avoids dogs (walks wide around them but does not hiss or become angry) and is good with other cats and children. The vet has not observed any behavior or other health problems. The vet's office staff has promised that Belle will be up-to-date on vaccinations, wellness care, and lab work and receive a dental procedure before adoption. She will come with her own insulin. Here is a flyer about Belle.

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Valerie said...

We are very interested in Belle but lgositics may interefer. We are finishin a temp. deploymentment (Air Nat'l Guard) in Hawaii and will be return to Ocala FL in June to our permanent home.

Hawaii has strict entrance requirements before the cat could enter Hawaii w/o pentalty and expensive boarding @ a facility. 120 days needed after a specific test pulled, ..... so by that time we would be headed to FL. If nothing works out closer for he, do keep us on the back burner. Valerie yahoo Diabetic Cat boards