Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nessie (in NJ??)

Update 2/14/10--Ken, who brought Nessie to the FDMB, is not interested in networking with Cats in Need to rescue diabetic cats. "FDMB is not my only resource for homing all cats and diabetics and it is not my first resource." Therefore, I have removed Nessie, what a cute tabby, from the CIN adoptable list. If you wish to find out about Nessie, please contact Ken directly at ******************************************************************** Ken and Sneakers brought Nessie to the FDMB. I am trying to contact Eddie to see whether FDMB Cats in Need may be able to help Nessie stay with him. If keeping Nessie is not possible for Eddie, I will be trying to get additional information about Nessie from Eddie. Ken posted:
This message was passed on to me. If possible I will help with transport and donate $25.00 to the person that takes this beautiful boy in.
Nessie is an approximately six year old neutered male orange tabby. He's declawed, up to date on all shots. He is loving, friendly, and gives wonderful upper arm massages when he climbs on your bed with you. He is non destructive and doesn't climb on furniture or go after table food. He's litter trained and fastidious about his box. He is in good overall health; but is diabetic and requires insulin at this time although with diet and weight control, this may be temporary. His weight at last trip to the vet in November [2009] was 16.8 pounds. He should be at about 14 pounds currently. This poor guy was abandoned in the dead of winter three years ago and had to fend for himself 'til I found him, befriended him, and took him in. I hate to give him up; he's a truly wonderful companion, however, the financial strain is quite difficult. Nothing less than a loving caring home for him will do. Love, Eddie

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