Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sasha in Minneapolis--Vetting and Insulin

Update March 6, 2010--Sasha is now formally a DCIN-sponsored cat for insulin. DCIN bought a 5x3ml package of Lantus pens for him. It was still too cold to ship any in. I would appreciate some sponsors for Sasha. DCIN has only received $30 on his behalf, and has spent over $300. ************************************************************************** Sheryl and Sasha (Seamist) is a new member of the FDMB. Sasha, recently diagnosed, was not doing well on Humulin N and had been sent home by the vet with ketones.

Amy and Carolyn, both in the area, rushed to the rescue with a testing kit and strong shoulders. Sheryl took Sasha to Carolyn's vet a few days later. Money being an issue, the Cats in Need fund paid for the vetting. It also will pay to fill Sheryl's new script for Lantus when the time comes. In the meanwhile, a couple member of the Board have offered to send Lantus cartridges, but the freezing weather right now in Minneapolis prevents that from happening.

The FDMB Cats in Need Fund will continue to keep an interest in Sasha's need.

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