Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Boris in Seattle WA

Update 1/22/10--Patti's update on Boris - week 2
Well I think that I can safely say - that Boris has settled in nicely into our family. Here is another little slideshow I hope you will like.
And some other good news - he's not had any insulin since 5:30pm January 16th. He came to us on 4units of Vetsulin/day. Not sure what we did differently besides hometesting but we gradually reduced his dose and there you have it. Slowly but surely we are getting his coat combed. There are still alot of mats and I am not fooling myself that he won't need some shaving to be done. But I just keep plugging along and everyday I work on a little spot and get more combed out. He tolerates it for so long and then he lets me know he's had enough. He gets along well with the dogs, explores the house and the Cat Mahal all day long. Can I say we are totally in love with him? Thank you to everyone who let me know about him. He has made us so very very very happy!
************************************************************* Update 1/10/10--Patti writes in part on the FDMB:
He's home he's home - Boris is really ours now. OMG - I can't believe it went so easily. We walked in - filled out a little paperwork - told us we owed $5 - yup that's all. The mom showed up with Boris and that was about it. Poor Boris tho - totally covered in mats. He feels sooo skinny. Last weight I can see is 10 lbs. I don't know about that. Barney and Tang feel much heavier than him and they're slightly more than 10 lbs, Fiona is 10 lbs. I'll weigh him later. I have his "records" but really it's just "receipts" from his vaccines and things like that. But the last of all these receipts are from 2006. No records of his BG readings. I'm told he takes 2 units Vetsulin bid. We stopped and got test strips and later tonite I'll attempt to test him. He's so scared - growling at everything since we got home. We have him in our bedroom with the door closed. None of the other cats/dogs in there with him. When Barney's mom had to give him up last year - I felt so bad for her - she was sobbing at having to give him away. I know everyone grieves in their own way - but this mom seemed eager for us to take him.
********************************** Update 1/6/10--Patti writes in part on the FDMB. Well it looks so far like we are going to get Boris! I talked with his "foster mom" who it turns out is his REAL mom who worked as a foster mom for the Seattle shelter. Unfortunately she is having to give up her cats due to her asthma becoming so severe. Boris is 13-14 yrs old - I haven't been able to really pinpoint the age. She's had him since he was a stray kitten. She will be able to provide all his health records for me. He's had diabetes for the past 2 years - is on Vetsulin - 0.2cc bid? - eats CANNED food (Friskies)and just a little dry. She has a friend who is a vet who has promoted that! OMG! She does not hometest - Boris has gone in for what I assume are fructosamine tests and "they are in a good range". She says because he is a Maine Coon he gets a lion shave and right now has a lot of mats. She says he needs sedation to have this done!? We are meeting Saturday at the shelter for Joe and me to adopt Boris. She wants US to have him - the only thing stopping us would be the shelter itself - but I do know they don't have alot of money - there was something on TV news last nite and I'm hoping they will just be all too glad to have someone who wants an elderly cat with diabetes. Oh and I talked with all our other kitties and the pups too telling them just how much we love them - it's just that this guy needs a place to call home so very badly! Please if you could just keep your fingers crossed for us on Saturday - we meet her and Boris @ 1230 at the shelter. ********************************************************* Boris is in foster care for the Seattle (Washington) Animal Shelter. The text from his Petfinder page is below. Contact information is in his Petfinder page. Boris is a very handsome boy who was found as a stray. He has lived most of his life with other cats and he gets along fine with everyone. He is very mellow and could easily spend countless hours sitting on your lap. Even though he is the elder statesmen of the house, he does take time to play and enjoy the younger cats. His diabetes is very well controlled and he isn't fazed by his daily shots. He would do well in a home with other cats or possibly by himself. He is looking for a new forever home. Patti and Merlin of the FDMB is trying to get additional information about Boris, in hopes of adopting him. She lives near Seattle.

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