Saturday, March 21, 2015

DCIN Logo Competition

This is DCIN's current blue cat logo. Sadly, for a couple reasons, DCIN needs to replace its logo. To replace the logo, DCIN is holding a logo competition. We invite all artists -- those who draw or paint, computer illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and others with those skills and talents -- to participate in this competition. The DCIN Board of Directors hopes to select a new logo from among the entries it receives in this competition.

The logo we want is the logo we have, but we can't have that. Therefore, this is our list of requirements, possibly subject to revision and additions as we advance through this process:
  • An image that is simple, memorable, classic, and timeless (we hope the new logo will be DCIN's forever logo)
  • Muted rather than overly bold colors
  • Any color scheme is welcome (although I will say that one Board member opposes pink for a logo and another opposes yellow)
  • An image and colors that are evocative of DCIN's mission and core values, including cat rescue, compassion, trustworthiness, respect, transparency, and community involvement
  • Not cartoonish
  • Image only; no words or letters
  • Presented on a white or transparent background so that the image stands alone
  • If an image of a cat, it should be a mature cat, not a kitten
  • Something unique for DCIN and nothing often used by other rescues such as a paw print
  • Because DCIN works in both the US and Canada (and is willing to work in other countries), an image that is not US-centric or Canada-centric
  • An image that is square or a horizontal rectangle; not a vertical rectangle
  • Creation of the image in an Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format, which will allow DCIN to make the logo as big or small as it wants without loss of resolution
  • Submission of the image to DCIN for the competition selection in a JPG format
  • Assurance and a liability guarantee from the artist that his/her submission is original work, does not replicate and is not drawn from another artist's work, and does not infringe on another artist's intellectual property rights (see the submission form at
  • Donation by the winning artist creating the logo of the copyright on the image for DCIN's exclusive use, with no limitation on DCIN's use of or payment from DCIN for the image (see the submission form at the link above)
Artists are welcome to submit more than one image to the competition, but each submission requires a separate submission form (see the submission form at the link above). The deadline for submitting images for the competition is May 1, 2015. The DCIN Board is not restricted to selecting a new logo from the submissions received from this competition. If nothing strikes our fancy, we will post another competition. However, if we see one or more submissions that we like, we may ask the artists for adjustments to the artwork.

DCIN will initially and periodically thereafter publicly recognize the artist creating its chosen logo. It also will publicly recognize all artists who enter the competition with images that meet the criteria above. We hope that public recognition (along with a link to your website) will provide encouragement for you to create, submit, and if chosen donate your art to DCIN, a great special-needs animal rescue, helping several diabetic cats every day.  

Please direct any questions about the this competition and the nature of the image the DCIN Board is looking for to Please also make all submissions to that email address.


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