Saturday, August 10, 2013

Naffle--Auntie Janice's Toothbrush Rug

August 22, 2013--Congratulations to Jack Abraham Resnick on winning this rag rug naffle. Thanks so much to Janice Maahs and the eleven naffle participants for donating $125 toward Charlie's recent $6K+ hospitalization. ~Venita


August 10, 2013--Hi, dis is Mikey, the DCIN FUNdraising Spokescat. Puleeze help me to raize funds for Charlie's $6000 stint with da vettybeans. Auntie Janice made dis 33"x42" toothbrush (rag) rug to naffle for Charlie. Auntie Janice made dis rug from stripz of cotton sheetz and U can machine wash and dry it.

Multicolor -- Mostly blues with some maroons and greens
(shown on grass for true colors)

What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read dis page.With a Naffle, you can enterz to win the prize wifout a donashun. But I axe for donashuns, and for each donashun of $5, you getz anoder chance at winning. (3 for $13.)
Kittehs Luvz rag rugs

Donation for Diabetic Cats

Iffen youz wantz a toothbrush rug made by Auntie Janice and youz don't win dis one, you can contact her on Facebook at Janice Maahs or email her at

Youz haz til late August 21 to enter dis naffle. On August 22, I be spining da random number generator to find out who gets da rug. Auntie Venita will putz da winner in touch with Auntie Janice to ship da rug to you. And U won't have to pay for shipping. DCIN will cover that. Cool? Yessh it is!! ~MIKEY!

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