Saturday, June 1, 2013

Helping Hands Surgery Contest through June 16

June 21, 2013--DCIN, with the considerable help of its thousands of friends, and their friends, and their friends, was able to win first place in the Helping Hands contest.


June 1, 2013--DCIN is taking part in a popularity contest for the opportunity to win up to $1500 in surgical services from Helping Hands, a low-cost veterinary surgical center in Richmond VA. Some DCIN foster and adopted kitties have had their dentals done there, and having a credit at the center would be AWESOME!
I'm Dominique, a DCIN foster kitty in VA,
and Helping Hands did my dental
and microchipping in April 2013.

There is no registration or profile sharing to be able to vote. Just click on this page and choose to vote for Diabetic Cats in Need (scroll down to see the choices). You can vote once/daily from an ISP, so you may have several opportunities/day to vote with your home computer, your work computer, and your mobile device.

I'm Stormy, a DCIN adoptee living
in Chicagoland, and
Helping Hands did my dental when
I was fostering in VA.
I'm Oscar, a DCIN adoptee living in VA,
and Helping Hands did my
full mouth extraction for stomatitis.
Voting goes through June 16. DCIN is up against some very tough competition. Please share this request to vote with your social networks. You can put it on your electronic calendar to email/remind you once/day to vote.

If DCIN wins one of the two prizes, we certainly will let know all of our friends when we use the prize to get needed surgery (most likely a dental procedure) for a diabetic cat.

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