Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cans for Cats Campaign--Prizes Involved!!

I'm Peanut! I support Diabetic Cats in Need
by having my Mom donate my
aluminum cat food cans.

May 25, 2013--Welcome to the Summer 2013 Cans for Cats Campaign! The campaign manager is Beth Pasek, DCIN's animal behaviorist and owner of The Finicky Feline and Fido LLP (Facebook page here) in Berea Ohio.

If 100 people collected 10 pounds of cans each month for DCIN, that would bring about $500 monthly to DCIN's general fund to help diabetic kittehs whose caregivers cannot afford to treat them.

The Cans for Cats Campaign helps DCIN and the planet at the same time. We ask you to collect aluminum cans from your own home and other locations and turn them into a recycler for CA$H

Beth has created this flyer for you to personalize for your local campaign. You can approach your neighbors, local scout troops, vet offices, pet stores, workplace, hair dresser, local retail outlets (to put a collection bag into their employee break rooms), and other locations to help you collect cans. It will help if you provide your collection locations with large plastic bags in which to put the cans they collect for you.

I'm Mama. Give up your
aluminum cans to help
the extra sweet kittehs!
Before you take cans to a recycler, make sure they are rinsed and dry and that labels (like on pet food cans) are removed. How do you know a can is aluminum? A magnet will not "stick" to an aluminum can as it does to a steel can. (Fancy Feast cans are aluminum.)

Beth also has created this bin signage for collection spots.

You may be able to find a place that pays for aluminum in your area by searching or I found a scrap metal dealer in my area by searching "aluminum + recycle + zip code" through a search engine (like Google).

DCIN has prizes for each month's high-weight collector. Beth has a sign-up sheet for people to self-report the weight of their weekly collections. Please share photos and stories relating to your participation in the Cans for Cats Campaign on DCIN's Facebook page. Competition can be a good thing! Good for DCIN and good for the planet.

After you recycle your cans and collect the CA$H, you can send the money by PayPal to Please use the "send money to friends/family" button to avoid PayPal fees. Or you can email for an address to which to send a check. Sending money once/month would make the accounting a bit easier on the DCIN team. ~Venita

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