Sunday, February 24, 2013

Welcome Home, Shiraz (FKA Simon)

Shiraz helps Mom on the 'puter.
January 3, 2014 -- Shiraz has his own Facebook page full of wonderful photos, stories, and "Interviews from the Chair Top." Please visit and like his page at


April 27, 2013--

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I have an elevator butt.
On March 31, Simon found his new Mom and home and didn't have to leave the state. He got a new name--Shiraz--because his face made his new Mom think that someone had spilled a dark-colored wine on it.

Shiraz is settling in well with new furry friends and keeps us all updated on his own Facebook page. He lost his boy bits before he was adopted, but he doesn't miss them at all. Shiraz desperately needs a dental cleaning and some teeth extracted, and DCIN is trying to help his Mom with that cost. Please help us help Shiraz if you can. ~Venita


February 24, 2013--Simon is a 2-3 YO neighborhood stray in West Central MD that decided he wanted to have an inside home. His rescuers opened the door to him and planned to get him all spiffed up so that they could find him an adoptive home. On the day they took him to have his boy bits removed, his rescuers found out Simon is diabetic. Until he is regulated on insulin, the vet says the boy bits remain.

DCIN is helping Simon's rescuers with insulin, syringes, and testing equipment. The rescuers will be creating an Internet page for Simon and posting him for adoption on DCIN's Facebook page.

Please watch for news on our Facebook page about Simon. He is FIV/FeLV negative. His rescuer says “He is calm and SWEET! I have given him sponge baths, pill and liquid medicine, and even put him in the laundry room sink to wash his feet and tail -- no complaints. No owner has come forward.”

If you think you may want to adopt Simon, please email and I will put you in touch with the rescuer. ~Venita

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