Monday, February 4, 2013

Handsome Boy Howard in San Fran, CA

February 5, 2013--One of the vet techs from the SF SPCA pulled Handsome Boy Howard from the SFACC and he is now safety tucked into her home as a foster. We have been told that if Howard goes OTJ, Saving Grace Rescue will put him up for adoption. Otherwise, the foster will keep him. DCIN will be helping with insulin, other diabetes supplies, and fundraising for his care if the foster and rescue would like us to.~Venita


February 4, 2013--Howard is a 12 YO insulin-dependent diabetic at San Francisco Animal Care and Control since January 21. His name in the SFACC system is Handsome Boy. DCIN is seeking Howard's medical records.

The SFACC does not put diabetics on the adoption track; they are put on the euthanasia track. Howard is only guaranteed safe until the end of the day on Tuesday, February 5.

If we cannot get an adoption commitment for him by EOD Tuesday, DCIN has received a fostering offer that we are looking into. We are hoping that another rescue will pull Howard and take him into its census, and if so DCIN will cover the costs of insulin and other diabetic supplies, share him for adoption, and fundraiser for his vetting costs.

This is what we have been told about him medically: "He is on one unit of Lantus bid, FIV/FeLV neg. Had some scrapes on the bottoms of his back feet that are healing and other scrapes on his body."

Behavior? Here's what we were told by an SFACC volunteer: "An incredibly affectionate, calm and friendly cat. Not fazed by multiple people, noises, and doesn't seem to be cat reactive. He had a blast in the Get Acquainted room today, mostly lying around on my lap or next to me getting petted, but also played some with the noodle toy, and walked around exploring the room."

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