Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kip--Fly Free, Sweet Prince

Fly free sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!
November 30, 2012--DCIN still owes $330 on Kip's final vetting. We hope to fully fund this chip-in by year-end.

November 19, 2012--This morning, the specialty vet found a mass in Kip's small intestine. It is with extreme sadness that Kip's foster Mom and DCIN chose to let Kip move onto the next step of his journey.~Venita


November 17, 2012:  Over the past couple of weeks Kip has proven two things, one he is a fighter (medically speaking) and two he is a lover. He not only grabbed onto the hearts of his rescue person and those of us here at DCIN but now his foster mom's heart as well.

Kip has his ups and downs and has been keeping foster mom busy. Little man went to the ER last night. He had stopped eating on his own. He is home now but needs to be seen by internal specialist.

Currently his potassium is low and he's dehydrated.

Before last night's ER trip, he was seen by his regular vet and there are three possibilities as to why Kip can't gain weight and there's the very real possibility that Kip's foster home may become his hospice home. He could be dealing with pancreatitic insufficiency, IBD or possibly even a type of cancer. More tests are needed.

At this time since Kip seems happy and wants to fight, and since his foster mom is amazing with specially-abled kitties, we all hold out hope that this is a bump in the road and perhaps he will be okay. To that end, we ask that you continue to send Kip as much love and light as you can and to please share his information and his chip in below to help with some of his costs.

One thing I forgot to mention, Kip's blood sugar have been consistently low he rarely needs insulin.

We have started another chip-in and hope that you can find it in your heart to help this little man, he's not ready to give up and however he ended up at that construction site and into the lives of his rescuer and DCIN, we hope those angels and all of you will continue to help him ~JJ

November 4, 2012--Kip moves a couple hours away to a DCIN foster home today. He is being placed there for rehabilitative care, so he is not available to adopt at this time. We need to figure out why he fails to gain weight, and we need to get weight onto him.

Kip's rehab is going to take $ for vet costs, probably even specialty vets. If you are able to donate for Kip, we will really appreciate it.


October 18, 2012:  Kip has been on insulin for about a month now but still has not gained weight is dehydrated.  His rescuer adds water to his canned Wellness cat food and that still does not help.  Blood work has been fine, a Urine Specific Gravity test will be done shortly to see if anything else can be ruled out.

He very much needs a home.  He can't stay where he is.

Currently on 1U of ProZinc BID, was up to 2U but that dose proved to be too high for him.

September 20, 2012:  Sweet Kip is such a gentle kitty and smart too.  He found his way to a construction job and some caring people who fed him while they were working on the site.  His rescue person stated:  "Kip" began coming around regularly as he was receiving some loving attention from R. and, pretty soon, some kibble, wet food, and his own water bucket. A bed was fixed up on the front porch as well, and for the next month he received regular meals and plenty of attention but still wasn't gaining any weight.”

After the construction was complete there was no place for Kip.  His rescue person who reached out DCIN tells us she took him to her vet and his caring for him, but it must be temporary, she cannot keep him.  She tells us that at the vet he “was just as laid back and loving as he’s been while in a construction zone.”

He currently weighs 8.6 pounds but needs to gain weight.  Age is unknown.  He is currently being fed an all wet diet of Wellness chicken formula.  He is FIV/FeLV negative, neutered, affectionate, good natured and loves a warm lap to sleep on.  He seems fine with dogs, cats and kids.
Please email for more information

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