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Katmandu at Home in Ontario, Canada

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February 23, 2013--In one month, Katmandu will receive the first of his I-131 Radioactive Iodine injections for his HyperThyroidism. The treatment center he is going to does things a little differently by splitting the full injection amount into two sessions.

While he was still a foster cat, DCIN committed to have Mandu get the I-131 treatment. Mandu's now-adoptive family has agreed to match, dollar for dollar, toward his I-131 treatment any amount DCIN is able to raise through a fundraiser. Any amounts that DCIN does not raise through this fundraiser or match, DCIN has to pay from its general fund.

Please help us claim those matching funds! For every $1 you donate, there is $2 of relief on DCIN's general fund. We estimate the total cost of the procedure will be $2,500 (which includes the treatment and the pre- and post-treatment labs and exams).

This fundraiser is being handled through YouCaring because Chip-in has closed up shop. Unless you choose to opt out, YouCaring charges you a "voluntary fee" to make a donation. As you make a donation, please read the screens carefully so that you can making a knowing choice about paying the voluntary fee to


February 02, 2013.
DCIN received some amazing news about Katmandu.  This handsome orinch boy is now in his furrever home. 

Sonia and family made the decision to officially adpot Mandu into their hearts and homes.  His new mom said this:
"I tried to ask him if he wanted to stay with us but he just grunted from under the covers...While away on vacation we found ourselves missing our big orange boy."

Welcome home Katmandu.  You certainly landed into very soft and loving arms ~Céline


December 10, 2012: Sweet Katmandu is feeling much better now.  He got his bloodwork done and we learned that he has Hyperthyroidism.   He has started taking Tapazole for this.  He is still off insulin and we are hopeful that his thyroid levels stabilize quickly.

It's time for this little man to find a home of his own. 

He's already getting ready to wrap himself up once he finds his perfect home. Please email for more information.


November 31, 2012--DCIN is including Mandu's chip-in in its year-end fundraising effort. Please help us pay for his past "butt bump" and his upcoming bloodwork.

I wear my cone proudly,
but it is difficult to drink water.


November 18, 2012~Katmandu's foster mom told us this morning that he has been feeling quite "off".  He has a sore under his tail and was quite growly when the area was approached.  She knew something was up when he missed breakfast this morning. 

Mandu went for a visit to the vet this afternoon.  What we suspected was an impacted anal gland turned out to be an abscess :(.  The vet lanced and drained the area, and Mandu came home with pain killers and antibiotics and has to wear the cone of shame for 2 weeks. 

DCIN needs your help to pay for Mandu's vet visit and supplies.  Please conside donating to his chip-in. ~Céline


October 16, 2012--Foster kitty Katmandu is Off the Juice!! (Thanks to Camille for the video!)


September 24, 2012--Update on Mandu.  Katmandu's mom is going through an extremely difficult time right now and has asked DCIN to find a foster home. Mandu has lost a lot of weight and was not doing well so we knew this was an immediate situation. We were extremely lucky to have found him a very close foster home with a mamabean with FD experience.

On Saturday, Katmandu moved to his new foster home.  He has been set up in his very own room. When he first came home he was sniffed through his crate by the other kitties.  He investigated for a bit in his new room and then ran right under the bed growling and hissing.

The next morning his new foster mom wrote that he was meowing at 3am, she went in for cuddles and found he was hungry :).  She was able to test him in the morning with a BG of 322 and insulin treatment will now continue on a regular basis. She even managed to get a purr from him.  Thank you for opening your home to Katmandu and please everyone send him healing thoughts.

We do need some help with sponsorship with Katmandu. If you would like to donate or sponsor this beautiful orinch kitty, please click one of the PayPal buttons below. Thank you~Céline


September 10, 2012--Meet Katmandu...isn't he a gorgeous ginger boy? He is not feeling very well right now. He has lost a lot of weight, is vomiting, and has diarrhea. He has a very loving mom who has been hit by extremely hard times. Mom is fighting very hard to keep Katmandu and DCIN is going to help her.

DCIN is sending Lydia hometesting supplies, syringes and Ketostix this week. We also need to get Katmandu back on Lantus insulin so that he can get regulated and feel better.

Please help us in welcoming Lydia and Katmandu to the DCIN family ~Céline

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