Friday, August 17, 2012

Snow--Happy Endings

I think I can do this.
August 26, 2012--Welcome home, Snow. On August 23, Snow flew in cabin with Angie, DCIN's newsletter editor, from San Francisco to LA. There he met his new forever Mom, Marna. He is settling well into his new home. Snow's new family (Mom, Dad, and a teenager) all love him. He has seen and been seen by the resident dog and cat. The family is getting a lot of interaction with Snow, even though he's in the family's guest room. Snow's new Mom says "We are so blessed to have this beautiful boy as part of our family!"

I'm adorable!
Pet my belly, please.

I'm trying to sleep.
(No, Snow, you are sleeping.)


Foster/Adoption Application
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August 19, 2012--DCIN has not yet found a home for Snow, but we are taking the risk and have placed a hold on him with the shelter. We continue to invite an adoption application.

Because of its recent financial woes, DCIN has to raise money for Snow's account--to handle his vetting, his transport, and his foster costs if he goes into DCIN foster. These are PayPal buttons to make a single donation or to sign up for a monthly subscription for his ongoing care should he go into a DCIN foster home. (To conserve space, the PayPal buttons have been removed.)


Snow in CA
August 18, 2012--DCIN has located and read through Snow's medical records since kittenhood.

This is not the first time that Snow has lost his person. The woman who adopted him as a kitten in 2000 died in 2007. Snow was altered as an adult (about 4YO) and had Urinary Tract problems (blood in urine and mild blockage) when he was about 4 and 6 years old. Snow had a FeLV vaccination as a kitten, and had moderate to severe gingivitis when he was last vetted in 2010. His rabies and distemper+ vaccinations appear to be out of date.


August 17, 2011--Snow is an absolutely beautiful white diabetic kitty whose owner died and he ended up in a California animal shelter. He only has until Sunday to find a home. He has 13 years experience being laid back and beautiful and would like to spend the rest of his years loving, purring and observing his new people. He weighs in at 11.1 pounds and gets 4 units lantus bid along with Halo dry and some wet food.

DCIN does not have the money to support a foster home for Snow, although we can find someone to pull him from the shelter and hold him until he travels to a new home

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Maine Kitties said...

I've pitched in a small subscription to snow.... I'm so glad he is on hold!

Venita said...

Thanks so very much. Hugs to you from Snow.