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Fly Free, Beautiful Chloe

Chloe's beautiful smile
October 14, 2013--Sadly, we had to let our dear Miss Chloe join the collective spirit of the universe this afternoon. In her abdomen was a large tumor wrapped around several organs. Her body will be buried in the yard near other of her foster Mom's beloved pets.

This is such a sad happening as Chloe had just received an adoption application on Saturday, and she would have been the "only" she wanted to be in a wonderful retrirement home. ~Venita


Foster/Adoption Application
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October 1, 2013--Itz ben a pleasure being yur Miss September. Iz so sorry no one chose to bring me home. Butz remember me...Chloe...iffen you decide you wood like a quiet, shy gurl in yur heart. Iz de buff one and I dont need any juice. Iz healthy and waiting fur yur invite. ~Chloe

I watched...
...and waited for my new folks
all month,
but they didn't come...yet!


September 1, 2013--Chloe is Miss September -- DCIN's September 2013 Kitty of the Month. We hope to have an adoption commitment for Chloe before the end of the month.

Chloe is buff, not a common coloration in a female. She is 10 years old, spayed, and just reached her one-year milestone in a DCIN foster home in Eastern North Carolina.

Chloe was turned into a NC shelter solely because she was diabetic. Chloe quickly decompensated in the shelter, refusing to eat. Also, the shelter could not care for Chloe's diabetes. To save Chloe, a DCIN friend offered to temporarily foster her. we are a year later. And you know what? Chloe hasn't needed a drop of insulin since she has come into DCIN's care. Was it an incorrect diagnosis? Was it transient diabetes? We will never know.

Chloe previously was an only and would likely do best as an only, although she has bonded with a quiet, male, "do your own thing" resident cat. She also gets along with some of the foster home's other cats, but only on her terms. Chloe does not like dogs -- big or small.

Following is a gallery of photos of Chloe that we will grow as the month progresses.

Chloe likes to help with the laundry.
And smiles while she helps!

Last Christmas, Chloe visited Santa to ask for a new family
WITHOUT overly-friendly pups. 
She scoped out the emergency exit the whole time
she was out of her carrier – and she wanted no part
of the scary man that smelled like other animals!
Chloe is a petite, short-haired, strawberry blond--the Barbie of cats.
Chloe does not not like dogs –
either overzealous excitable smaller dogs or
large friendly ones who adore kitties!

Accustomed to being an only kitty, Chloe's initial reaction
to a porcelain cat on her first night in foster was to hiss at it!
Chloe's declawed on the front, so she didn’t hurt the statue.


April 23, 2013--From Chloe's Foster Mom.

Chloe still prefers to be by herself rather than with the dogs and most of my other kitties. I would say she “tolerates” some of them (males more so than females) – as opposed to being “buddies” with any of them. Through interaction, she is becoming more receptive to being held for longer periods, although it is always on her terms! Every now and then, she’s downright affectionate, although once in a while, she still sneaks in a nibble to remind me who [she thinks] is boss.

She likes her nice soft bed with a comforter, and does not seem too interested in seeking out windows, birdies or sunspots. Her coat is looking quite nice, and her appetite is very good (3-3oz cans/day). Her BG is usually between 70-85 when tested. Clearly, she’s broken, as she has not had insulin since September. I get the feeling that at some point she might have experienced some negative treatment, as she is sometimes aggressive with my feet (swatting/biting) – more so than just kitty play or trying to walk under me. She is very good with my friends’ 10-12 year old daughters as well as to other adults she meets.


Chloe enjoys A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!
November 22, 2012--

Yes, we are friends now.
Sorry I hissed at you my first night here.
I was scared in my new foster home.
October 17, 2012--Chloe is going to the vet this week for a full checkup. Nothing wrong; we just want to make sure she is OK. DCIN doesn't need funds for this as we still have the money we initially raised for her bloodwork.

DCIN has moved Chloe to 911 status. She needs a new home and heart ASAP to thrive. She is a darling, shy girl that needs far fewer pets living with her. ~Venita


October 7, 2012--Yep, Chloe is OTJ. Her foster Mom tests her about once a week, and her numbers consistently come in in the 70-90 range.

Chloe's neuropathy seems to be going away. She is no longer the floor-dweller she was when she arrived in her foster home.

Chloe would probably thrive in an home where she didn’t have to share her person/people time with multiple pets as she does in her foster home.

Foster/Adoption Application
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September 12, 2012--Chloe continues to not need insulin. She is still learning to trust her foster Mom. Might you have a place in your home and heart for this scaredy cat?


September 6, 2012--Chloe is adapting well to her foster home. She is eating wet food and though not eating with relish, she is eating. She hasn't needed insulin since she got to her foster home.

Chloe started out in a large crate in the dining room where several of her foster Mom's friendly pets tried to meet and greet, making her anxious. She's now in a "single" in the laundry room, and has moved away from her carrier "safe place" to a soft bed on the floor, the top of the washer/dryer, and the window sill.

Her foster Mom says "I think she’s starting to chill out some. Spent some time with her last night, holding her. She’s less agitated, so I think she’s coming around. It’s gotta be hard for her to trust a stranger after the one she loved let her go."


August 30, 2012--Turns out that Chloe's nick name is Bean.

Chloe in her shelter cage,
begging for a home.
August 29, 2012--Finding Chloe with no other options at this time, DCIN asked friends in NC to short-term foster her. So today, we scrambled to request vet records, get Chloe an FIV/FeLV snap test, and arrange a short-distance transport. Chloe's new foster Mom says "[My friend] and I just picked up Chloe for DCIN. Dx 1 mo ago; on Prozinc 3u; YIKES! She'a sweet girl, friendly, very comfy in the car. She tried to help [my friend] thoughtful!

Settled her in at my house. Not sure when she had her last shot, so will test later and shoot in the am. She's a pretty orinch girl. Fur slightly oily, but not bad; not very skinny. Long frame. She is available if anyone wants to add her to their family. Pics forthcoming."

August 23, 2012--The shelter told us today that Chloe has started eating again. We also were told that barring further complications, Chloe has a week to find her way out of the shelter.


August 22, 2012-- At 9 years young, Chloe was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago and her owners chose to surrender her to a shelter. She is a loving, declawed cat and is becoming very stressed living in the shelter environment. Her appetite has decreased and today she refused to eat.

The vet wants to run blood work on her but money needs to be raised to cover the cost. (Removed Chip-in widget.)

We need to get this sweet girl out of the shelter ASAP!~for more information contact

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