Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bandit Stays in New England

Bandit Contemplates his Future.
May 24, 2012--Those born in New England tend to like to stay in that part of the Earth. Bandit's case manager JennF found out the other day that his caregiver had chosen to send Bandit to foster with a nearby rescue, the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society.

We are thrilled that Bandit has a safe place and doesn't have to take a long trip to reach it. Stay happy, Bandit, and we hope you soon find your own home and heart. ~Venita


May 18, 2012--DCIN is pulling Bandit into DCIN foster care next week with MIKEY!'s Mom and Dad, JennF and Marc. This is intended to be a very temporary fostering situation, so we are looking for another foster home (hopefully in the Northeast US) or a furever home for Bandit. We will soon have all of his medical records for a potential foster/adoptive home to review. Contact Jennifer@dcin.info for more information about bringing this little man into your home.

And, please help DCIN with his costs if possible by donating or by signing up for a monthly subscription:


May 15, 2012--Bandit in New Boston, NH only has until May 22 to live! His owner already has an appointment with the vet to PTS if no home is found! He is only 8 years old and was just diagnoses with diabetes in January. He is currently eating wet food only--prescription D/M. He is on Lantus 4 units twice a day. His owner says "Bandit has no behavioral issues other than he is initially timid and frightens easily until he adjusts to his surrounding. There is not an aggressive bone in his body--he is shy and reserved, but when he trust you, he will become your shadow."

Bandit loves to tend to the home's foster kittens.

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