Thursday, November 24, 2011

Elmo at Home with Kay

Elmo is looking good!
September 25, 2012--"Elmo gets 2 units Lantus bid and he is doing well on that. He is also on raw diet and gets probiotic a few times a week for his pancreatitis and b vit injection once a month. I have attached a recent photo of him. He has gained back the few pounds that he lost."


January 3, 2012--It's been over a week since we started the chip-in for Elmo's dental, and the poor baby hasn't received any contributions yet. To show you how dire the situaiton is, Elmo's Mom Kay was wiping his teeth today and one of his teeth came out! Despite that, he seems OK. Kay sent a picture of the tooth.
Elmo's rotten, bloody tooth.

Please help with the chip-in, if you can.


December 26, 2011--DCIN is starting a chip-in to get Elmo a dental procedure. Until we get a written estimate, we are targeting to fundraise $500. Please help if you can. A dental should really help Elmo's regulation.


November 24, 2011--Happy US Thanksgiving!! This is Kay's Elmo. Elmo is 8 YO and has been an insulin-dependent diabetic for 2 or 3 years, and is currently on a compounded PZI. DCIN is going to help Kay and Elmo with diabetic supplies. Elmo needs a dental, and DCIN hopes its friends will be able to help us get that procedure for him. He is an unregulated diabetic because of his dental disease.

Kay makes and sells catnip toys to help pay for her cats. This is the Facebook page for those toys.

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