Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nico in CT needs help, vet bills are high

November 3, 2011: It might be too soon to call it remission, but since switching to canned food only Nico has not needed insulin since Tuesday, 11/1/11. We are all very excited.
October 10, 2011: Nico at home after a few very difficult weeks. Feeling so much better, he even earned an insulin dose reduction already. Transitioning to canned food, his dry food is low carb, high protein EVO. Check out this photo of him at home relaxing with is nipstix. We look forward to many more photos showing how well Nico is feeling.
October 5, 2011: Retired veteran who is on disability and loves his cat so much needs our help. Nico was brought to the vet about two months ago for a swollen lip. Diagnosed with a rodent ulcer the vet administered a steroid shot and a convenia shot. After a few weeks of Nico not wanting to eat and drinking too much water, he was told this was normal after the shot.
This week Nico was diagnosed with diabetes and started on ProZinc, in just under a week the dose was increased from 1 unit to 6 units as his blood sugar has not come down. The vet administered a second Convenia shot last night.
The bills are climbing and Rob needs our help to care for sweet Nico. Nico is being moved to another vet close by where we are hoping for better diagnostics to know what's really going on with this little man.
Any amount you can give could possibly save this kitty's life.

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