Monday, July 18, 2011

Welcome Home, Ralph!!

January 22, 2012--We recently heard that Ralph is in a foster-to-adopt home at this time. Pending the other cats in the home accept him. Things seem to be going great. The shelter is 99% sure that this will be his forever home.

Because of this news, DCIN is removing Ralph from its adoptables list. ~Venita


November 30, 2011--A recent update from the shelter's feline supervisor:
Ralph! He is still at the shelter and we are still working on finding a foster, at least for the winter. Or I may be camping out there during bad snow days! His status is pretty much the same. I am still getting used to the Lantus Pen.... but he doesn't mind it one bit! still at 2 units 2x a day w/ 1/2 can DM and 1/2 cup MD dry 2x a day. His hair has grown back and he has gained 2lbs! He is still in the isolation area though, because of the overcrowding. I pull all the food bowls and let him run for a few hours a day, bless his heart.... he just wants to be in someones lap, any lap will do! He's such a lover!


July 18, 2011--Ralph is with the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Adoption Center in Middletown, OH. His previous foster family could no longer care for him, so Ralph is back at the shelter. Ralph is a very good patient that does not mind his insulin injections and is not currently being hometested.

If you are local to Middletown, OH, and can foster Ralph, the rescue will pay for his medical needs, if Ralph sees the rescue vet. Living at a shelter, it isn’t easy for Ralph to get his insulin on time. He is currently on Lantus and is being fed wet prescription food.

Ralph is up to date on vaccinations and is FIV/FeLV negative. He is thin and needs to put on some weight.

“He is a loverboy, and has lived in foster with dogs, cats, and kids... I am told he will scour cabinets and counters for food! He is still very playful and quite the lover! His favorite toy is his tail ! He is so used to vet trips that he doesn’t need a carrier anymore.”

If you choose to adopt, the adoption fee will be waived and if this is long distance, DCIN will help with transport.

Look at that face. LOL!!

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