Friday, July 1, 2011

Mask in Waco TX

July 24, 2011--This evening, Mask peacefully passed onto her next journey, held in Emily's loving arms. Mask and Emily were at the ER vet because Mask had been experiencing low blood glucose levels and seizures. Even though the vet had been able to get Mask's BG levels up to almost 300, she was still having small scale seizures.

Mask had an extremely elevated WBC, indicating significant infection that the vet believed had spread to her brain, possibly resulting from pancreatitis. Mask could not maintain her body temp, and was vomiting and having diarrhea. Both vets on duty believed there was very little chance to regain any quality of life. This picture was taken right before they helped her pass. DCIN paid for Mask's ER stay.

Angelwings and Godspeed, Miss Mask, 1996-2011. Emily gave you unconditional love, if only for a month.


July 1, 2011--Mask is 15YO, tailless diabetic Snowshoe. She and a companion were surrendered to an open intake shelter on June 11, 2011. A DCIN friend in rescue, Emily, pulled them both, brought them home, and posted about them on DCIN's Facebook page. With other foster cats that number in the teens, Emily cannot keep Mask long.

Mask is terrified, and Emily has been having trouble getting the insulin (ProZinc) into her, much less testing her. Part of the problem is that Mask is sharing a bathroom with another foster cat that "turns into a violent attack cat when she sees another animal."

We don't know Mask's FIV/FeLV status. Emily wrote "I know I have records showing Mask has been vaccinated against FeLV, I'll have to check again to see if/when she was tested."

Last week, Emily wrote that Mask is getting easier to handle. She went to the vet for a curve and her numbers ran between slightly under 400 up to 579. She also was dehydrated and needed fluids. At that time, Mask still was not eating well. Emily conjectured "that could be from her BG being so high and making her nauseated."

Emily believes that Mask came from a quiet home, and would need to be adopted by a quiet home. We know because Mask was surrendered with another cat that she will get along with another cat.

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