Friday, July 1, 2011


SugarParent and SugarCat

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  2. Food
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At a Glance

SugarCat is of indeterminate gender. This kitty is a very pretty kitty

Date of birth (or an estimate): MO-DY-YEAR

Date of diabetes dx: MO-DY-YEAR

Status: Unsure

Insulin: None

Oral diabetes medications: None

We hometest BG: No

Hx of complications: None

Current health issues: None

Current medications: None

Past health issues: None

Corticosteroid use: None


Brand Name:


Consistancy: Wet or Canned

Amount fed per meal: None, poor kitty

Number of meals/day: 1

How is food given in relation to the insulin shots? No plan in place

We use Janet and Binky(GA)'s foodcharts: Unaware

Civilians and Other FurKids


About SugarParent

I am a private person

Location: planet earth

End Notes

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