Saturday, April 9, 2011

Murphy at Home with Lisa

April 9, 2011--DCIN is trying to help Lisa's Murphy with Lantus insulin, some diabetic supplies, and $300 to cover vetting costs. So far we have raised $55 toward the vetting. Please donate if you can. If that's not possible, as these are tough times for so many, Lisa and Murphy appreciate your prayers, thoughts, and good vibes.
This is Murphy – an undiagnosed diabetic kitty from April of 2009 through August 2010. Before April 2009, her blood work did not indicate diabetes. Her diagnosis was missed in mid-2009, when she became severely ill with MRSA, e-coli and step aureas in and around her nasal cavity. For 12 weeks, she was aggressively treated with super bug antibiotics. Four weeks later, the infection cleared, but then several more additional MRSA infections were in her future, the last of which led to her contracting MRSI, which became ocular, and d. cati, a very uncommon mite related to severely immuno-compromised pets with systemic illnesses that lower the immune system very aggressively. In sum, she was not able to fight off even her own bacteria. Now, let’s add in feline asthma, diabetes, pancreatitis, Cushing’s, and demodex. Five life threatening health issues. Demodex can easily turn into MRSA, which is exactly what happened to her. Murphy became far worse in the late summer of 2010, with severe painful bouts of pancreatitis, drinking 3 bowls of water per day, ravenously eating and frosty paws from sugar in her urine sticking to kitty litter - cement on her paws. She was so ill that she lacked the fortitude to even move and thrive and became very depressed. Fortunately, through a careful, thorough and loving internist, Murphy did finally get her diagnosis of feline diabetes, but was hospitalized for over a week because she was so sick. Started Lantus right away, and within a few weeks, we started seeing major improvement in her. Murphy was just last week diagnosed with Cushing’s disease (iatregenic) from the use of inhaled medications for her feline asthma. We are hopeful that with the proper control, and cautiously at best, we can reduce the oral inhaled medications which will possibly resolve the Cushing’s. In sum, Murphy is severely compromised from the lack of timely diagnosis (DX) of her diabetes. She takes it all in stride, starting 4 years ago with her DX of feline asthma. All the injections, the demodex mite on her nose, and scattered throughout her fur that are not seen by the naked eye. I think I speak for all of us here that these are terrible times, no matter how sick our little babies are. I thought 4 years ago when she received her DX of feline asthma, that my life was over, but it became so routine and she has been well controlled since then. But, the fact remains, that illnesses happen, just as they do in humans. Unfortunately, an avoidance at the obvious is why she is where she is. The diabetes could have been avoided had the veterinian had a watchful eye. But, she unfortunately did not, and while I believe even veterinarians are human as well; they do make mistakes. But when it is your kitty, your heart plummets to your feet. Consequently, through all of these horrible health issues, the costs have been astronomical. She is very fortunate now, to have such a truly wonderful internist that feels her needs and pain, and knows how heartbreaking her situation is. I have dropped my life to keep her alive, but I would never have it any other way. If I could get one promise from God, it would be that Murphy would have just a few years to enjoy life, be a kitty, play with toys, have no pain, versus all of the suffering she has been caused over the last 5 years or so. Thank you so much, Venita and DCIN for assisting me with Murphy’s care today. I cannot express enough how truly grateful I am for the selfless act of love and adoration for Murphy and from those you are altruistic as well. Do you know – just when things get bad, and you think they can’t get any worse, they usually do get worse, but it is angels like all of you that set the example that humanity is important to others, and the life of a kitty who cannot help herself, was extended – by even one more day – because people are loving and kind and open their hearts. Blessings to all.


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