Sunday, January 23, 2011

Other Cats Helped in 2011

April and Buddy own Mike. They are both diabetic, although April has been OTJ for two years. DCIN helped Mike to find FDMB and provided blood glucose test strips and helped with insulin for Buddy. When April developed a urinary tract infection in August, DCIN worked with LLEF to pay for the vet visit.

Buddy is a diabetic cat that lives close to Venita. DCIN has helped Buddy and his Mom Bel with testing equipment, insulin, and education, but Bel has paid back DCIN's help with donations. Buddy is a much happier cat today on Levemir than he was on N or Lantus.

Casey lives in WI with his mom, Roberta. DCIN helped a small bit with a Lantus pen and some syringes. Roberta was active on FDMB for awhile as "my Casey bear."

Choco owns a woman who fosters for Kitten Associates, Jennifer's rescue group. When Choco was diagnosed diabetic in January 2011, DCIN sent a meter and testing supplies and a pen of Lantus. It has sent more Lantus and test strips, and will continue to do so. Maria has since joined the FDMB. Choco's spreadsheet is here. Within a few days of starting insulin, Choco showed ketones in his urine and was hospitalized for one day at an ER vet. DCIN raised $930 (with the extreme help of Covered in Cat Hair and Robin's followers) to pay part of that bill. On April 20, 2011, Choco was declared "Off the Juice"--in diabetic remission.

Costello owns Wally. DCIN helped with a meter, test strips and lancets, and ketostix.

Louie is at home with his Dad's sister, Laura. Despite going to college, and having two young children and two dogs, Laura is trying to treat Louie's diabetes. DCIN is helping with insulin and testing equipment.
Louie before better treatment

Louie after better treatment
Magoo owns Janie, a member of DCC and FDMB. DCIN has helped Janie obtain BCP PZI for Magoo.

Ragner owns Shirley, and hasn't done well on various insulin. He is now going to try DCIN-provided ProZinc.

Tiger is a stray that recently decided to move in with Chris and his mother Pam. Chris contacted DCIN in mid-April and DCIN provided some Lantus, testing equipment, and syringes. DCIN urged them to join the FDMB, but I didn't see that happen. I received some phone calls, with serious handholding needed to help them understand hometesting. The last I heard, they were going to work solely under their vet's supervision on hometesting and dosing Tiger.

Tiger is fostering with Pam, who fosters animals for Maureen's OLM Catnip Cottage in South Carolina. DCIN sent a couple Bayer Contour meters and some strips and lancets to get Pam started with hometesting.

Tom owns Lori, a member of the FDMB. He was having trouble with regulation on PZIs. DCIN paid for his vetting to get a script for Levemir, and sent Lori two Levemir pens to get her started. DCIN also has sent Lori and Tom test strips. Tom's spreadsheet is here.

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