Sunday, August 15, 2010

Toner in TX--OTJ!!!

Initial post 8/15/10--Toner's Mom first came to me in mid-June 2010, wanting to know what food to feed her newly diagnosed female diabetic, Toner. In late June, Toner had a severe symptomatic hypo, and was blind for several days. Sunday and her husband were beside themselves. I explained to Sunday that a glucometer was the first best tool she could have to manage Toner's diabetes, and I gave her links to info about how to hometest. She went straight out and got a Relion meter and strips, and started testing Toner. In early July, I tried to put Sunday in touch with three women from the Feline Diabetes Message Board in her general area. But all of our emails to Sunday came back undeliverable. My phone messages went unanswered. Today I finally was able to make contact with Sunday. She closed her email account because of spammers, and her husband had borrowed her cell phone and never told her of my messages. The great news is that Toner is OTJ. Sunday last checked her a couple days ago and she was 93. Sunday continues to check Toner a couple times a week, and they are continuing to feed Toner low carb wet food. Ah, the power of the glucometer!!

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