Friday, April 9, 2010

Helen (at home with Frank)

Intial post--4/9/10--Frank (Darkness) is a new member of the FDMB, joining because he believes his 7YO Charlie might be diabetic. But that's another story. Frank's three cats are littermates, tuxedos, two males (Max and Charlie) and one female (Helen). None have ever seen a vet. They are intact and have never had vaccinations. Frank is unemployed. A couple days back, Frank came to the FDMB concerned that Helen had symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

She's going to the litter box over and over and over again with very little success and when she does manage to pee, she meows slightly in pain, this just started yesterday.
A few people on the FDMB PM'd me with concern that Helen needed to see a vet. DCIN paid most of the fees for her to see one yesterday.
Thanks to [DCIN], I was able to get her to a vet this morning ( I just got back.) The vet did a urinalysis, a blood test and an x ray. The urinalysis and blood test won't be ready until tomorrow morning so those are still up in the air. The x ray showed no evidence of stones. The vet said that translucent stones that aren't visible on x ray do exist but that they are rare. The blood test should rule things out and the urinalysis will check for bacteria. The vet said that her urine did "look cloudy" so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

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