Friday, March 5, 2010

Vinnie Moving to Michigan

Update 4/9/10--Vinnie has settled in quite nicely with Hope. While he was in brief foster with Claudia, he had one, maybe two, shots of Lantus and went "off the juice." Hope never had to face the challenges of Lantus, an insulin she had never tried before. This is a video of Vinnie getting a blood glucose test. The result was 60 mg/dl. Still OTJ!! Vinnie is being treated for a yeast infection in his ears. And yet another video of Vinnie: ************************************************************************** I did not promote Vinnie as a CIN-sporsored diabetic because I had my plate full. But I did add a link on the home page with Vinnie and a couple other diabetic cats looking for homes. Vinnie is in Scituate Animal Shelter is located in Clayville, RI. Hope saw Vinnie and clicked with him. Vinnie's Petfinder page had the following write-up.
Vinnie was picked up by animal control on one of the coldest nights this winter. He was tattered and torn with only shreds of cartliage left resemling ears. We found out Vinnie was diabetic because he was drinking tons of water. Because he is such a sweet cat and even the staff at the animal hospital loves him, we made the decision to try and save him by finding the right home. Vinnie has been neutered, vaccinated and is FELV/FIV negative. He will need to be on insulin and needs a special home that can care for him. This shelter cage is no place for any cat, nevermind a diabetic cat. Vinnie seems to get along fine with other cats too and is estimated to be about 5 yrs old.
Vinnie will be sharing Rusty's ride to Michigan. And Claudia, who is fostering Rusty, will foster Vinnie starting tomorrow so that he gets out of a cage and can start on Lantus. Currently, Vinnie is on Glipizide.

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