Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Max in Michigan--OTJ!!!

Update 5/3/10--Max is officially off the juice today!! Congratulations Mindy and Max!!!!!! *********************************************************************** Update 4/26/10--Mindy has been doing a marvelous job treating Max's diabetes and staying sane. Today marks the 8th day of Max's "off-the-juice" trial. Mindy is a fabulous member of the FDMB community, and I couldn't be happier with the results of this trial of keeping a diabetic cat in its home. Mindy and Max are the poster Bean and Cat for DCIN's developing "stay at home" program. And to top it off, Mindy hasn't yet had to use any DCIN resources. It looks like she may get Max OTJ with the vial of insulin she bought before she found FDMB. ***************************************************************************** Initial post, 3/17/10--Max in Michigan. Has a lyrical ring to it, eh? Max is just the cat that DCIN has been looking for. All our other cats are rehomed, or own beans who are committed to treating them but really stress out over the finances. Max's mom Mindy came to the FDMB on March 1, 2010, wanting to treat the newly diagnosed Max, and learning quickly about food, hometesting, insulin, all of it. But she was stressed with family, work, commute, and a sick cat. After a few days, she came to the Board saying:
I hate to do this, but my cat Max needs a new home. I simply cannot provide the care he needs. I have a 2.5yo daughter and 5mo son, and I work full time. The time I am at home is rather chaotic anyway, add in a cat that is resisting BG testing, and I'm at my wit's end. It'll be better for him and for us if someone else can care for him.
I could see her tears on the screen. You can imagine the mixed review, the encouraging, the chiding, the shock, but Mindy persevered in her request to improve Max's situation. I wrote her to see what DCIN could do to help. I offered her alternatives, including rehoming if that was truly what she felt best for Max. Ultimately, it took relieving just a little bit of the chaos to get Mindy back in the mindset of keeping Max at home. Max is an 8 year old, steroid-induced diabetic. There is a good chance that with dietary management he will go into remission with just a short course of insulin. DCIN has promised to pay for Max's insulin for however long he needs it so long as he needs it, which hopefully is brief. Sarah and Velcro, an FDMB member also in Michigan, is going to give Mindy two Lantus cartridges. I love how feline diabetic caregivers pull together to help each other out. Mindy and Max are now regular members of the Board, posting daily except weekends, when Mindy doesn't have access to a computer. Max's blood glucose spreadsheet is here. Max seems to be responding well to his treatment and coming out of the very high blood glucose levels. Great job Mindy and Max!!!

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