Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fly free, Sillci

May 14, 2015--Dear Sillci passed recently, after more than five years with her adoptive Mom. Our deepest sympathies go to her Mom, and to Sillci we wish Angelwings and safe passage. ~Venita

Update 8/12/10--
From Dale:Down 5 pounds 3 ounces. She was bouncing around there for about a month but she finally did it and been holding steady. You can tell she's feeling better too. While I never see her doing it, she is getting up on all kinds of furniture. She's loving being out in the garage and getting up on the cat trees (albeit lower levels) and the bunk bed. I see her eyeing the doggie door so she can go outside in the pen on her own. She just needs a few more pounds to drop away and I think she can go through it, then look out world here comes a slim, fast walking Sillci!
Congratulations Dale and Sillci!! The weight loss is amazing. In June, Dale shared this information and picture:
SHE GOT OFF THE SOFA AND GOT UP ON THE HASSOCK ALL BY HERSELF!!! Isn't that an amazing achievement? She's front declawed so I know she didn't pull herself up...she had to have jumped! I'm so excited I just had to share. Approximately 6 more pounds of weight loss is my goal for her; her goal is 6 more pounds of weight loss and the kitchen countertops!
****************************************************************** Update 2/3/10--Results of vet visit.
Spine is okay. Knees are terrible. Boney fragments, swollen areas. Doesn't think just taking off weight is going to be the answer although it has to help some. Vet thinks she's in constant pain which is why she takes tiny steps so no pressure on each leg for any length of time. Starting dasequin, getting pain shot, and steroid (I know we don't normally like steroids but if it helps swelling and some pain then I'll just have to watch her bg.), still trying to reduce weight. Re-evaluate in one month. Vet says we need to control pain; she doesn't feel like it's fair to Sillci to have her in daily pain. Suggests if we can't control the pain then it's more humane to pts. No, no, no! I'll research the drugs you all [on the FDMB] suggest and will discuss w/vet.
*************************************************************** Update 2/2/10--Sillci is settled in with Dale and has some serious medical issues. She is obese, seemingly arthritic, and not diabetic. Sillci is still getting some dry food because with a weight-loss diet, Dale does not want her to go off her food and develop hepatic lipidosis. This is a video of Sillci trying to walk. Dale writes in part:
Doesn't it make you hurt to see her try to walk? Gordon weighed 18 pounds when he came last year and he walked just fine. She has an appt. Wed. for x-rays. I've started her on an arthritis product that Phoebe sent her (thanks Phoebe). She has lost 1 pound in 2 weeks (now 17.04 pounds) and her eating has slowed down. I know she's a candidate for hepatic lipidosis so trying right now not to change any foods and making sure the bedroom door is closed so no one else eats her food. She is peeing where she lays. Her poops are very hard and not many of them so will check on megacolon. Her vet records indicate she was 16# when she was 3 years old. At age 4 they put her exclusively on Hill's M/D dry and some canned so she's been very obese from an early age. Previous Vet says she should weigh 6 pounds !?!
Update January 20, 2010--Sillci's original owners surrendered her on Monday, January 18, at the spring Green Vet Clinic. After vetting, including an exam (18.5 pounds!!), FIV/FeLV/heartworm combo test (negative), and rabies shot, Pam of Mew Haven Rescue transported Sillci into Iowa. Sillci was transferred to "J," who took Sillci to her own home for the overnight. The following day, J drove Sillci south to Gardner, KS, where she was transferred into the loving arms of her new mom, Dale. Sillci was a very quiet traveler, and gained the hearts of all who met her. Sillci's ears bled very nicely and J had no trouble at all hometesting her. Sillci didn't need insulin during her trip because she never got over 200, and was mostly in the lower 100s. Sillci is badly matted. J had this to say about Sillci.
I had her corralled in order to do the BG test, so I thought I'd get in a bit of brush work for good measure and was able to remove quite a few of the matts. It went something like this: pet, pet, growl, brush, brush, brush, growl, growl, (stroke nose for few minutes--very effective calming technique for her), quiet, brush, brush, brush (faster this time), growl, growl, growl, pet, pet, growl, (stroke nose), quiet, brush, brush, growl, growl, growl, (feel unusual heat in my lap and something warm running down my leg...where the heck are those ketostix when you need them???). I'm quite certain she'll be filing a formal grievance. I told her to file it in Oklahoma (I'm banking that there's no extradition in place for such indiscretions).
Sillci is really quite the sweetheart and we spent a lot of quality time together last night. Yep, I've figured her out. She's quick to growl, but also quick to purr. She loves it when you scratch that special spot at the base of her ears or stroke her nose, and is really quite reasonable if you simply pay attention when she tells you that she doesn't like something. She ate for me late last night and again this morning, although I had to encourage her. I sat next to her, stroked her head, and put the food in front of her. She purred loudly and tentatively licked at the food, then dug in to a few bites. When I stepped away, she stopped eating. I think she's handling this transition remarkably well but will need some patience and understanding.
Sillci in the car *******************************************************
 Is this not the cutest picture? This is Sillci with her dog Hugo. Sillci was brought to our attention by Pam Norman, a WI rescuer who helped us out with the Juniper transport. Sillci was to be euthanized today, just one sad result of a divorce. Instead of euthanasia, the owner will be surrendering Sillci to her vet, on behalf of DCIN. Sillci will be staying with her vet in Spring Green WI (or a nearby foster) until we can arrange a transport to Dale near Tulsa OK. Dale jumped in immediately to offer Sillci her home and heart. This has been a quick and happy resolution to a sad situation. Dale will be getting a female diabetic to start balancing out the 3 male diabetics she is currently caring for, and Sillci gets a new lease on life.

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