Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What is the FDMB Cats in Need Fund?

The fund raises, holds, and distributes monies to help diabetic cats and people connected to the diabetic cat community. I (Venita and The Boyz) am the only person directly involved in this effort. This is a small-time operation, but the help it has been able to give to the few it has benefited has been important. An up-to-date accounting for the fund is here. As you can see from that accounting, the monies in the fund have been used to rehome diabetic cats, vet diabetic cats (such as DKA situations, dentals, cancer treatments). I've also used the monies to pay for Stefani and Toonces's pet sitter when she was in the hospital with peritonitis and have recently raised monies for the extraction of Bobbi's (Trixter'smom's) abscessed tooth. The monies in the fund come from various sources. There are many people who regularly support the FDMB Cats in Need Fund by using (There is a link on the right side of the front page of this blog.) You can use IGive to search the Internet and earn one penny for each search for your selected cause. You can also link through IGive to over 700 stores, which will give a percentage of your purchase to your cause. Your cause will also receive $5 bonus for your first purchase through IGive, provided you make your purchase within 45 days of joining. I hope you will make FDMB Cats in Need c/o Venita your selected cause on IGive. To date, the FDMB Cats in Need fund has earned over $650.00 by the generous use of IGive by the fund's supporters. Another large source of monies for the fund are donations for a particular project. I have often asked the FDMB community to donate such projects, and response is always phenomenal! The fund raised the monies for Bobbi's tooth extraction in less than a day. Donations can be made to the fund through PayPal--vmaewood AT att DOT net for credit cards (unless you are paying the fee) and ennis93 AT att DOT net if you are paying by cash, check, or credit card where you are paying the fee. (I'll be getting some PayPal buttons up here on the blog soon, I promise!!) The fund also received a large donation by being Sheri and Spyder's Kitty of the Month cause in November 2008. I am very excited by the upcoming Winter holiday fundraiser. Simon (JazzDoc) of the FDMB is donating the master of his second Christmas CD to the fund. The cost of each CD will be $12 plus postage and packing charges. Simon and I hope that Maureen will be able to make copies of the original FDMB Christmas CD available this year and proceeds of all sales of the original CD will, once again, benefit our friends at OLM Catnip Cottage. One last thing I do as part of my mission for the FDMB Cats in Need Fund is post information about diabetic cats in need of rehoming. I post the information I have about those cats in this blog and post links to their stories on the FDMB Community forum. If you have any questions about the fund and how it works, or any suggestions for additional fundraisers, please let me know!! Love to all, Venita (and Fu Manchu Ennis, pooped puzzle-master extraordinaire)

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