Friday, April 17, 2009

Gordon and Derby

January 16, 2013--

Fly Free, dear Gordon.

I Have Slipped
The Surly Bonds of Earth...
Put Out My Hand (paw)
And Touched the Face of God.


Remembrances, October 1, 2010--In March 2009, Dawn from the metro Detroit area joined the FDMB to rehome her diabetic cat, Gordon, and his housemate Derby.
Gordon was diagnosed with Diabetes last year I believe in May. I have been caring for him with his diabetes since then. He is 9 years old. He is on vetsulin. 2 1/2 twice a day. He eats the DM food. No other medical problems. He gets along with dogs, kids and other cats. I have another cat "Derby" who I am seeking a home for as well. They have been raised together so it would be great if someone could adopt them together. I am just not able to have them anymore. I have been searching for a home for awhile now. I have called just about every rescue place in 4 area codes around me and they are full as well as the shelters. I have also posted listings on craigslist. Everyone seems to be full. The shelters I have contacted have let me know that they would be put to sleep if I took them there. I came across this website and I am hoping that someone would take them in and love them.
There were people that would adopt Derby but I was hoping to be able to find a home for them to go together since they were raised together that is why I still have Derby as well. Gordon in 9 and Derby is 8. Gordon is an orange tabby. Derby is black and brown with long hair. He looks like he is part Maine Coon.
Apparently Dale (and I suspect Hope) worked behind the scenes because I announced on April 17, 2009, that Dale was adopting the pair of cats. The transport was set for Saturday, April 25, 1009. Dawn delivered the boys to Phoebe at 5:30 am. From there, the transport legs were overly long. Phoebe drove from metro Detroit to Indianapolis, Susan (and Poe) drove from Indy to St. Louis, and Dale Ann met Susan there to make the final run back to the Tulsa OK area. As an added bonus, Susan and Dale Ann were asked to help another rescued animal get to its new home. A Chesapeake Bay Retriever rode from the Tulsa area with Dale Ann to St. Louis, and Susan then took it with her to Effingham, IL to give to its new owner coming from somewhere in Illinois. Many people on the FDMB supported the transport with donations for gas money and with prayers and well wishes. As they all do, Gordon and Derby quickly settled in with Dale. Better news is that Gordon went OTJ and is now a diet-controlled diabetic. ~Venita

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