Saturday, September 3, 2016

DCIN's Annual Mismatched Socks Fundraiser - 9/3 - 10/2

Many DCIN Friends LOVE socks - the crazier the better.  What could be better than SolMate's Mismatched Socks to pad around in?

So we bring you our fifth annual mismatched socks fundraiser for DCIN. Through October 2, 2016, DCIN is taking orders for these socks - and more!  That's right - now you can order ANYTHING the Sock Lady offers!

You can choose from adult crew socks, adult ankle socks, adult knee socks, kids' socks (one pair and a spare), and baby socks (two pair and a spare).  And this year, you can also choose from adult hats, baby aviator hats, fingerless mittens, scarves, and fleece-lined mittens.  (Sorry, the boot cuffs are no longer available.)  You can check this brochure for the styles, patterns, and sizes available (the baby hats aren't pictured, but they are available, and you can see them on the website). The items are made from 62% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 15% Nylon, and 1% Lycra.  They are machine washable and dryable.

DCIN will bulk order the socks and mail them to you in the US by mid- to late October. (We'll have a later delivery date for Canada and other international locations, but we'll ship those as soon as possible.)  All shipping will be done by 1st class US Postal Service if possible. (Do not order directly from SolMate; with shipping, it may cost you more - and DCIN won't get a portion of the sale.)

To order, please PayPal the appropriate amount (see list below) to by choosing the "pay or send money" option, then selecting "send money to friends and family".  Next, type in the total amount (including shipping if you're outside the US - see below) for your order.  If you fund your payment with a credit card, please also pay the credit card fee on the final PayPal screen. (If you don't, DCIN will have to make that payment, which takes away from your donation amount.)  In the Write a note (optional) section please indicate:
  • Number of items being ordered
  • Style (ankle, kids, scarf, etc.), pattern, and size of each pair/set of socks (other items are one-size)
  • Your mailing address 
  • Your email address (as PayPal no longer provides this)
If you don't use PayPal, you can mail a check along with the order information listed above to

Diabetic Cats in Need
P.O. Box 21
Minot, ME  04258-0021

If you care to take orders from your workmates/friends, there is a bulk order form as the last page of the brochure. You will have to submit this payment with your order by October 2. If you have questions about this, please email

Pricing information:

Adult crew socks      
Adult ankle socks     
Adult knee socks      
Child & baby socks  
Adult hats                   
Baby aviator hats      
Fleece-lined mittens  
Fingerless mittens      

Please add an additional $5 per order for Canadian mailings and an extra $10 per order for mailings to other international locations.  Please make all payments in US $!

Now the only question is...which patterns and how many pairs are you going to order?!  ~Amy


John Bellen said...

I just saw your site via Facebook. Though I cannot donate anything at this time, I wanted to write and tell you that I think your work is valuable. One of my four cats is diabetic, and, having started at four units per insulin twice a day, is now down to one twice a day. Even if their diabetes doesn't go into remission, these cats are still worth saving and loving. Mine is a big sausage-shaped baby I couldn't do without.

Amy Sikes said...

Thanks for your kind word, John! A big thing you can do to help DCIN is just to share our posts. :)

Unknown said...

Hi - I would like to find out if you would be able to use un-opened glucose test strips? If so we would like to donate. Please email me @

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