Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mismatched Socks Fundraiser September 2014

September 2, 2014--

Many DCIN Friends LOVE socks, and the crazier the better. What could be better than SolMate's Mismatched Socks to hoof (or paw) around in?

So we bring you our third annual mismatched socks fundraiser for DCIN. Through September 21, 2014, DCIN is taking orders for these socks. DCIN will bulk order the socks and mail them to you in the US by mid October. (A later delivery date but as soon as possible for Canada and other international locations.) All shipping will be done by 1st class US Postal Service if possible. (Do not order directly with Socklady.com; with shipping it may cost you more and DCIN won't get a portion of the sale.)

You can choose from adult cotton socks (except Dragonheart), ankle socks, kids socks (one pair and a spare), and infant socks (two pair and a spare). You also can check the file at this link for the styles, patterns, and sizes available. For $22 per pair/set, you will receive your socks with mailing to all US locations included. There is an additional $5 per order charge for Canadian mailing and an extra $10 per order charge for mailings to other international locations. (So sorry for those mailing charges, but that is at least the cost of international mailing.)

To order, please PayPal $22 per pair/set to socks@dcin.info, using the "pay family/friends" button. If you fund your payment with a credit card, please also pay the credit card fee on the final PayPal screen. At the bottom of the final PayPal screen, in the Email to recipient: message section please indicate:
  • Number of sock pairs/sets being ordered
  • Style (adult, ankle, kids, or infant), pattern, and size of each pair/set (please indicate a backup pattern if your first choice of pattern is not available at the time of the order)
  • Your mailing address
If you don't use PayPal, you can email socks@dcin.info with your order and address information and we will send you an address to mail a check.

If you care to take orders from your workmates/friends through your workplace or social networks, there is a bulk order form as the last page of the file at this link. You will have to submit this payment with your order by September 21. If you have questions about this, please email socks@dcin.info. ~Venita

(9/10/14 -- Since writing this original post, the Socklady had come out with two new socks. They are Adult Orchid and Adult September Sun. See them at http://www.socklady.com/whats-new.php. We have contacted those who already have placed their orders to see whether they want to change or expand their orders. ~V) 

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