Saturday, February 22, 2014

HART of Maine - Roxy

September 30, 2014- Roxy has been recently declared cancer free at this time, and is also off insulin!   She has been placed back on HART's adoptable list and is searching for that special person who will give her their heart and take her home. ~Lisa

March 18, 2014--Roxy was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer and although she did undergo an operation to remove the mass in her bladder, HART requests that Roxy be removed from our adoptables list as her bladder has become very weak after the reconstruction and it is likely that the cancer will return as it had many adhesions. HART will take excellent care of Roxy and make sure that her needs are met and provide lots of loving care. Thanks to all who prayed for Roxy and shared her profile. ~Margaret B

February 21, 2014--Roxy, an orange and white tabby tuxedo kitty who is around 10 years old, is a new diabetic intake at HART. She came to us through a local veterinary office, as she was a newly diagnosed diabetic that was previously living in an assisted living facility, where they are unable to handle the care her new condition requires.

If you are looking for a laid-back older kitty that would love nothing more than a snuggle in your lap, this is your girl! She is talkative, though soft spoken and quick to purr. Her fur is thick and soft and she enjoys getting any and all of your attention. We aren't sure yet how she will respond to the other kitties in the room, as she is still in intake, but we will be sure to update on her progress. With her loving and laid back attitude, we are hopeful that she would integrate well in a home with other well mannered kitties.

She is stabilizing well right now on 1 unit of insulin and since she enjoys her Wellness grain-free canned food, we hope this dosage will be as much as she needs. She is a solidly built kitty and is currently at a good weight for her size. Roxy has beautiful,deep set green eyes and lovely, long whiskers.

Her expression is hopeful, “Are you my new forever family?” Visit HART to meet Roxy and make her dreams come true.

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