Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Home Missy

Missy at the vet's office.
January 7, 2014--Missy's foster Mom made it official and announced that Missy is forever home. ~Venita


November 13, 2013--Missy is a 5 year old domestic longhaired spayed female. Her owner couldn't afford diabetes treatment and elected to euthanize, but the vet took Missy as a surrender. However, the vet also elected not to treat Missy and announced a PTS date. Two days before she was to die, Missy was rescued by a foster Mom in Oklahoma.

Missy at her foster home.
Missy's foster Mom says she has no interest in dry food, eats only small amounts of wet food and eats that slowly, is drinking a lot of water (she likes running water and wet bathtubs), and has blood glucose levels staying in the mid to high 200s. Missy has thick fur (with mats on her tummy that Mom is working on), has an easy going personality, and likes to sleep on the bed near the pillow (but she is not a lap cat). Missy has no interest in going outside even though she has an outdoor enclosure available. Right now Missy seems depressed about losing her family.

This would be a private adoption with the foster Mom, but DCIN will help to coordinate and finance Missy's transport to her new home. Email ~JennF

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