Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stroller Naffle

October 14, 2013--Congratulations to Susan for winning the stroller naffle. Many thanks to Hillary and Maui for donating the stroller that brought $480 to the fundraiser for Charlie and to the 21 people who donated through the naffle. And many, many hugs to Caryl in memory of Alex and Jackson, her dear tabby boys with happy faces that were the inspiration for this donation and fundraiser. ~Venita


Kitties Love Strollers; Droolers do Too!!

Stroller Specifications are HERE.

September 22, 2013--Dis iz a very special Naffle in memory of Auntie Caryl's dear boyz Alex (Alexander) and Jackson and to "Pay it Forward for Hope." Dis super-sized stroller iz a donashun by Auntie Hillary's kitteh Maui, who would be way too bare-assed to seen in such a contrapshun. Maui sez her yacht, roadster, and jet are much cooler toys and goes much faster than dis thing. Maui wants de donashuns to go to Charlie's account and wantz to raise $500 in donashuns, including the about $100 it will costs to ship the stroller.

In Memory of Alex (left) and Jackson
Dis stroller is brand new, never taken out of da box. (De box is a bonus cat toy.) Dis stroller holds up to 145 lbs, and could be used fur a BIG drooler or several smaller furballs. Or even just a single kitteh like me, kickin back in first-class comfort. It iz sturdy and easy to use. The top folds down so that you can put it in yur car trunk.

Cause of its weight, dis stroller can only be shipped to de continental US. If you live outside the continental US yu can donate to the naffle, but should yu win, yu have to provide a US address for shipment (or pay de extra for shipping).

The stroller's generous donor, Maui.

What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read dis page. With a Naffle, yu can enter to win the prize wifout donating. However, I iz asking for donations, and for each donation of $10, you will get an additional chance at winning this giveaway. (3 for $25.)

Dis is a PayPal button so that yu can donate to enter the Naffle. Choose the number of donashuns yu wantz to make before you hit the "donate" button. If yu don't plan to donate but wantz to enter this Naffle, send an email to

Donation for Diabetic Cats

Sumtime in October, after donashuns are at $500, I will spinz the random number generator to find out what bean and kitteh or drooler gets de stroller. Auntie Venita will work wif de winner and Auntie Hillary to ship the stroller. Or da winner can go to Auntie Hillary's and pick it up! Oooh road trip; I call shotgun! Cool? Yess it is!! ~MIKEY!

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