Saturday, April 20, 2013

Naffle!! Erin Middendorf Cat Mugs

April 20, 2013--Hi, dis is MIKEY!, the DCIN FUNdraising Spokescat. A really kewl pottery artist named Erin Middendorf gave me two of her handmade mugs to Naffle. She put kittehs on dem just for me. Dey will make a really kewl Mom's Day gift, less you wants to keep dem fur yurself. (I wood.)

Dis page shows you Auntie Erin's pottery. She duz other art stuff too, but I luvs her mugs and plates. She can even makes your kitteh or drooler a custom food bowl.

What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read dis page. With a Naffle, you can enter to win the prize wifout making a donashun. But I don't like dat. I wants you to give DCIN a donashun, and wif donashun amounts from $5 to $15, you gets more chances at winning this Naffle.The more yous donate, the cheeper the chances.

Dis is a PayPal button so dat you can donate when you enter the Naffle. (If you don't wants to donate but wants to enter, email Choose the number of donashuns you is making before you hit the "pay now" button.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

On May 6, I will spins the random number generator to find de person entering the Naffle to gets de mugs. Auntie Venita will ship de mugs to da winner -- in plenty of time for Mom's Day.

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