Friday, February 8, 2013

Alexa, 1 year old in NY

Alexa and Foster Mom :)

March 23, 2013--Alexa needs to find a new foster home. Her current foster mom is very overwhelmed with treating and monitoring Alexa's diabetes. Alexa is tolerating being tested but is not a fan, even though she gets a treat right after. Her BG's are still pretty high, most recent test was 323. She is getting Prozinc insulin twice a day.

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February 24, 2013:  The sweet Alexa continues to improve. Her foster mom writes this about her:

Kitties love boxes.
"More and more adorable"

As you can see from the pics Alexa is a very engaging little girl. She will come to you when called, or of her own volition, and send you to heaven by plopping her svelte little body sphinx-style on your chest, or just melt across your chest for schmoochies snuggling her face against your cheek or into your neck. Just yesterday she climbed amorously on my boyfriend, who initially she was shy of.  

She's tolerating my other cats better and making herself more at home, especially on my bed. She's been sleeping with me on and off, and with the other cats on the bed.

I also discovered that when she takes a pee, she balances on all fours on the edge of the pan, I guess not wanting to get her feet dirty in the litter.

She's a little feisty at times with my other cats, but I'm happy to see her being energetic in light of her diabetes. Her appetite is still a bit ravenous, so we're still in the process of getting her numbers down.



February 8, 2013:  At such a young age this little lady has a lot of love to give.

Rescued by Pibbles and More Animal Rescue, her foster mom writes this about her:

Meet breathtakingly beautiful Alexa – her namesake (I presume) being the name of the nice person that delivered her from abandonment in a Staten Island shopping center around the time of Hurricane Sandy, to a shelter.  She was saved from the kill list by a big-hearted vet who refused to accommodate the shelter’s wishes to put her down because of her “poor chances for adoption” due to her diabetes, and the dear woman who took a chance on asking me to foster her. She’s a gray tabby, but I think I actually see a tint of lavender in her.  I am getting up there in age and already have 3 feline darlings who are considerably older. Because of this I am not prepared to take in a young cat permanently for fear of my pre-deceasing them and having to worry about their welfare.
She is sweet and highly adoptable.  She’s sleek and elegant with green Keane eyes that seem to be the biggest thing on her nubile frame  – a delicate feminine sprite.  She’s no more than a year old and gets 1 unit of Prozinc twice a day. I have had her a month now. When she feels like it, she does respond to her name and will come to you for affection. She hops up on the living room couch and melts on my chest purring softly, or across my thigh. I do believe that if I did not have other cats here she would be sleeping with me in my bed, but she’s still skittish toward the tribe here, which seems to be getting better. She loves little kisses on her forehead and doesn’t mind her belly being caressed. She likes being perched on your shoulder. The tip of her tail tapers like a paint brush and is mesmerizing in the way she almost always is swaying and jerking it. Her litterbox habits are fastidious and her coat seems to barely shed. And she let me clip her front and back nails with no problem! She likes drinking the watery soup that I make her with a little bit of her wet food so as to fill her belly a little more, and get more water into her. She is not a picky eater. She’s on the quiet side, but you hear her sweet meow when she’s hungry.  She has not scratched at my couch or furniture. She stays quietly in my second room when I need to segregate her at feeding time from my other cats, or even overnight sometimes.
At present she does have her moods with my other cats, but I am pretty sure it is starting to run its course and given more time she can assimilate peaceably into any multi-cat household. For instance, I was just on the couch cradling my big male champagnetabby, who she chases off sometimes … but here she just hopped on the couch, touched noses with him, and plopped down next to my leg. Then I clipped her nails.  On the other hand, she may be more happy as a loner -- I think it’s too soon to tell.  I see her touch noses with my other 3 and sometimes she hisses, and other times it’s totally neutral.  Also, as cats will be, she has her diva moments where one has to be cautious of her quick nails, but she is predominantly a very mellow and precious little girl. I wish I were in a position to keep her but I think it’s too much for me in the long-term.
She’s been so lucky to come this far and as she matures I am sure she will become a  more and more beautiful friend for the lucky person who completes her luck with a loving home. She’s a great cat!

For information on how to adopt Alexa, please visit her rescue pages linked below.

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