Friday, November 30, 2012

Fly Free Little Fella

My name is Little Fella and I am a girl kitty.
December 2, 2012--Sadly, Little Fella went to the bridge yesterday. Her family could do little at home for her DKA and could not afford an ER vet. She started into seizures in the afternoon. Fly free, dear girl. Your suffering is now over.


November 30, 2012--Little Fella's Mom found DCIN yesterday. She started posting on the FDMB on Tuesday, and by Wednesday evening it sounded as if Little Fella was ketonic. But the family has no money for a multi-day emergency hospitalization, and neither does DCIN.

The family returned Little Fella to the vet for a consult and started her on insulin last night. DCIN has reimbursed the family for yesterday's costs and is shipping testing equipment and other supplies today.

We pray that Little Fella makes it through this emergency. Cats can be very resilient. Good luck Little Fella and family!!

Cute story about how this girl kitty came to be named Little Fella. When the litter was born, the family's 4 YO son looked at the kitten and pointed out the kitten squirming on top of the kitty pile. "Look at that Little Fella," he said, pointing to the kitten the family eventually chose to keep as theirs.

If you can, please help us raise funds for Little Fella's DCIN care. If we raise more than the $220 we spent for the vet visit and insulin yesterday, we will help the family with the earlier diagnostic costs.

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