Saturday, November 3, 2012

FDMB/DCIN Gift Baskets

This message is from Deb and Spot, a wonderful woman who is hosting a joint fundraiser for the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) and Diabetic Cats In Need.

From Deb:
FDMB and DCIN are both wonderful organizations that help Cats with Diabetes. FDMB is a message board that provides support and guidance to people who have kitties with diabetes. For those of you who know me, you know Spot, who I "adopted" when my brother Leo passed away, was diagnosed with diabetes in July of 1998 and without their support, I don't know if Spot would be alive today. DCIN is a wonderful organization that helps diabetic cats who have been discarded because their current owners did not or would not care for their diabetes or who's owners could not provide care for them any longer due to circumstance beyond their control. They help find foster homes for these kitties until they find their furever homes and provide financial assistance to the foster homes to take care of medical issues and their diabetic supplies.

So please, if you can, please buy a ticket. It is for a worthy cause!!

Tickets are $5.00 each
There are five different baskets that you can choose to put your tickets in (see the baskets below)
You can purchase tickets with cash or check
Check to be made out to: Deb Pfeiffer
Mailing address: PM me on the FDMB or message me on Facebook for address, please! (Note from Venita--you also can email me at for the address or additional questions and I will forward your email to Deb.)
Include the following information with your payment:
- Your name
- FDMB or FB Name
- your e-mail address
- A list of which basket you would like your ticket(s) to go into
- Let me know if you need a receipt for your donation.

I have "tickets" that I use for the raffle. I will scan your tickets into my scanner and e-mail a copy of your tickets to you. The other half of the ticket goes into the basket. If you need a receipt I will also scan the receipt and e-mail that to you also. I plan on pulling the winning tickets towards the Middle of January so that everyone has enough of time to participate. I realize that with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa coming, funds may be tight for some people, so I'm hoping that after the holidays the money will be flowing freely again!!

There will be more items for the baskets as time goes on and I will make sure that I add pictures of those items for all to see. (Note from Venita--Please see Deb's Facebook page for additional items. I may not have the time to update this blog page for additional basket items.)

If you have any questions, please ask away!! I am hoping that we can raise a lot of money for these wonderful organizations. Thanks ahead of time!!

The Sweets Basket includes--
  • Yummy home-made spiced raspberry low sugar jam. Marjorie's jams are known throughout the FDMB network and they are delish!!!
  • A cookie bouquet donated by Devon. Devon is a totally awesome baker and her cookies are to die for! To view more of Devon's work visit her FB page Cakerations
  • Home-made chocolate covered pretzels made right before being shipped out to the basket winner. Pretzels will be individually wrapped and personalized if winner desires. Thanks Deanie!
  • See the full basket here.

The Kitty Basket includes--
  • A kitty grocery bag holder being donated by Mel, as cute as the one pictured.
  • A cute little black and white kitty tin, donated by Hillary and Maui. (Kitty not included!)
  • A small, limited edition print of a cat on a quilt done by Wendy and Tiger's late Dad. The print measures (about) 6-1/2" x 9" and is matted to fit a standard 9" x 12" frame.
  • A hand made ornament that would look purrrrrfect on any tree, donated by dian and wheezer.
  • Cat Lover's traveling cup donated by Deb and Spot.
  • A hand-made Kitty Pi being created with love by Lynda and Scruffy.
  • See the full basket here.

The Jewelry Basket includes--
  • Morning Dew (lever-backed/pierced) and Balance (pierced) earrings from Lia Sophia Jewelry. Donated by DCIN.
  • A beautiful 14k yellow gold band with .21ct round cut diamonds set in white gold. The diamonds are 'G-H' color, VS2 clarity, 21 stones. It is 3 grams, a size 7 - it can easily be re-sized. The current retail value is $550-$600. Graciously donated by Lyresa aka Squeaky and KT.
  • A clever hinged ring box also donated by Lyressa. Ride 'em, Cowboys!
  • See the full basket here.

The Miscellaneous Basket includes--
  • Two totes, one insulated, one not, donated by Hillary and Maui. Kitty not included!
  • Strawberry and Green pepper seed starters donated by Hillary & Maui.
  • Mary Kay "Private Spa Collection" Embrace Dreams moisturizing lotion and Mary Kay "TimeWise" visibly fit body lotion and 3-in-1 cleansing bar with case, donated by Michelle and Scrabble. 
  • See the full basket here.

The Special Bargain Basket is a "whatever you wish to donate" basket, with proceeds going to Roni and Moonie. You can donate as much or as little as you wish, starting at $1. Whoever donates to DCIN chip-in also will get their name put into the basket. This is a mystery you willing to take a chance??

Venita says: Be very careful putting your money into this basket. The special bargains may include a wheezer. What is a wheezer? See this video.

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