Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emma (at Home with Mom)

Emma is camera shy!
November 11, 2012--Emma and her Mom Joanna live together in the Southwest US. DCIN has been helping with insulin and testing equipment since February 2012.DCIN also paid over $250 for a vet visit in March because Emma was "just not right" and also needed an insulin prescription.

Emma has occasional bouts of not eating and acting like her stomach hurts. Pancreatitis? Don't know, because DCIN and Joanna haven't been able to afford the diagnostics. The vet has just been treating the symptoms. Perhaps if we build up Joanna's account, next time she's "just not right" we can afford some diagnostics.

For that purpose, here's a chip-in. If you would like to sponsor a monthly donation to Emma's account, please email me at, and I will set up a PayPal Subscribe button.

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