Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Boy in CT is in DKA

November 3rd, feeling a little better
November 30, 2012--DCIN still owes $2,730 on Big Boy's hospitalization for DKA. We hope to fully fund this chip-in by year-end.


November 3, 2012:  Kelly went to the clinic to visit her sweet little man and she writes the following:
"he looked sooo so much better. He was very alert and very happy to see me. He greeted me with some head butts and cuddled up next to me. I stayed with him for a while and the vet that has been on his case today said that there were barely any ketones when they tested him again. So that is amazing. He's eating food and taking meds orally, which is also great."  

Our thoughts are with Big Boy, Kelly, David and Wilma, Big Boy's feathered sister and we're happy you are feeling better.

November 1, 2012:  Many of us can't remember exactly when it was we became a cat person, but for Kelly and David it can probably be the day that Big Boy came to live with them and their adorable parrot, Wilma.

In August of 2011 an urgent plea went out to local rescues about a diabetic cat that needed help.  He had belonged to David's dad but suddenly he and Kelly had to care for him and sadly he was thin, diabetic and suffered from severe neuropathy and financially caring for him was impossible.

Big Boy, walking tall - no more neuropathy
Like many people new to diabetes they didn't know if he could be helped but they found DCIN and with our help they started testing his blood sugar, giving him MethylB12, changed his diet and started insulin.

Nov 2012 at the ER Clinic - DKA
They are wonderful furparents to this handsome little man and they love him dearly but today they are all suffering.  He was found this morning acting lethargic, not eating and not acting like himself.  DCIN immediately offered to help and they went to the local vet.  They didn't get to see their regular vet, but the one they saw today showed as much love for Big Boy as Kelly and David do.  I think that could also be because of how easy this kitty is to fall in love with.  I've met him a few times and can tell you that he stole a piece of my heart within seconds.

Big Boy is in DKA and needs round the clock care, but we hope very much that this was caught early and maybe he can get home in a day or two.  First he needs to make it through tonight, he will be constantly monitored, given fluids and everything else that he needs.  We have started a chipin and hope that you can help us help Big Boy.  What we don't raise will come out of the general fund.

Big Boy and Kelly - true love

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