Monday, October 22, 2012

NAFFLE! Chocolate Pizza

October 22, 2012--Hi, this is Mikey, the DCIN FUNdraising Spokescat. This Yummmy naffle item comes from Auntie Cassandra, a new DCIN friend who iz fostering diabetic Dutchess in Canada. (Yes, Dutchess needz her furever home. Maybe we can send Dutchess to de winner with da pizza.)

Auntie Cassandra makes wunderus chocolate creations and sells dem on her Internet store Curly RiBbon Kreations. She is lettin me naffle a 14" Chocolate Pizza! Itz made with marshmallows, peanuts, sponge toffee, chopped almonds and pecans all smothered in chocolate and drizzled with caramel!

If youse winz dis pizza, you can eat it all yourself, give it as a winter holiday gift, or make it da center of interest on a dessert buffet at a winter party.

What is a Naffle? It's Not a Raffle; read this page. With a Naffle, youse can enter to win the prize without donating. However, I am asking for donationz, and for each donation of $5, you will get an additional chance at winning this giveaway. (3 for $13.)

This is a PayPal button so that you can donate to enter the Naffle. Choose the number of donationz you wantz to make before you hit the "pay now" button. If you don't plan to donate but wantz to enter this Naffle, send an email to

Donations for Diabetic Cats

Dis naffle runz through Saturday, October 27. On October 28, I will spin the random number generator to find out which person entering the Naffle gets this Chocolate Pizza. Auntie Venita will put the winner in touch with Auntie Cassandra to have her send you this heaven on Earth. Dis is so awesome!! ~MIKEY!

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Unknown said...

Mmm mmm, chocolate, who could refuse!!?! ;^)